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RESPONSES TO KENDRICK: Rappers Who WEREN'T Name Checked Clap Back At Kendrick Lamar's "Control" Verse + Wale Gives His Take

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With there being so many responses via rap songs to Kendrick Lamar's epic verse on Big Sean's new "Control" track, we decided to compile a list for ya.  Interestingly, almost none of the folks responding were even name checked by Kendrick on the track.  But Wale was, and we've got his take on what Kendrick was trying to do....

In case you're wondering what Mr. Folarin has to say about getting name checked in Kendrick's latest verse that some interpret as a diss -- but we label it a call to action to make the genre of hip hop better -- he's not the least bit insulted. He's actually taking it as a compliment:

He told Rolling Out today:

Kendrick is a phenomenal rapper. It was a great verse from Kendrick. But I think people are taking it the wrong way. He said my name and a few other names and also said he was the best rapper. I say that I’m the best rapper in every song I’m on, I just don’t call out names. He just did it a different way.

It just hasn’t happened that way in a long time. Those type of records usually come from the bitter rapper who has had his time pass. Since it hasn’t been done by anyone in their prime, it felt shocking. Kendrick gave you a good verse and just named rappers while doing it. Every rapper brags in their own way. He took the position of, ‘whoever is standing in my way, I’m going to do something to you.’

I thank him for mentioning me in that category. I may have felt a certain way if he didn’t mention me. He mentioned the rapper [Drake] who is going to sell the most records this year, and he mentioned the rapper who has sold the most records thus far in 2013. I think I’m in good company.

Wale's no stranger to putting his (usually rightful) ego on display.  So he continued:

But I always feel that I’m the best rapper. There are a lot of rappers who have done it for a long time who will tell you that I’m their favorite rapper. In this day and age, the hate is 10 times louder than the love. If someone says, ‘F– you’ it’s a scream. But if they say, ‘You’re the greatest’ it’s a whisper.”

Agreed.  By the way, Big Sean himself said when he was sent Kendrick's verse, he had already laid down his.  So he "cracked up" when he heard Kendrick's and decided not to go back and change his own...because that would be cheating.



  photo walero_zps02e58554.png

Wale is covering a recent issue of RO, and they posted a sneak peek of his spread. 


But some rappers took the verse a little more personal....maybe because they weren't named at all?  Especially when it seems the fellas that Kendrick DID name are new schoolers who actually have the potential to raise the bar.  Lupe Fiasco, Cassidy, Joell Ortiz of Slaughterhouse, B.o.B., Cassidy, and even little Astro got in on the responses. 

 photo lupe-fiasco_zps65f62208.jpg

Check 'em all out below.  Kendrick got folks in their feelings in all kinds of ways:


MTV has a few more, if you care.

Photo: DeWayne Rogers



PacificGirl said it best.

PacificGirl said it best. Kendrick is the truth. Refreshing to get some lyrical substance for a change.
luvles's picture

maybe it's me, but I didn't

maybe it's me, but I didn't get why Kendrick's verse was so hott. I mean it didn't sound any better than his other verse's. Lol, maybe it's me??
Supermodel01's picture

I do think Lupe deserved to

I do think Lupe deserved to be mentioned in that verse (he's way better than Big Sean). But he's not consistent, and he hasn't been on the radio in a minute. Don't really care about those other rappers clapping back. Stop whining!
SunshineChey's picture

Kendrick's verse was not as

Kendrick's verse was not as "groundbreaking" as one may think. NEXT!
TheReal's picture

It's refreshing and different

It's refreshing and different than anything else out right now. Not everyone wants to hear raps about bitches, hoes, bling, money and cars. It was articulate and clever.
PacificGirl's picture

This is ridiculous. When I

This is ridiculous. When I heard Joell and Astro's bars last night and this morning, I decided they didn't come close to slaying Kendrick, but I liked where it was heading. I never imagined that by this time they would be the best. None of these other guys have any battle skill at all and they weren't talking about a damn thing. And none of the guys he named have done a damn thing. Are they prima donna's? Are they scared? WTF?
Bird's picture

Let me clean that up a bit.

Let me clean that up a bit. Cassidy's track was hot, but it wasn't a battle rhyme.
Bird's picture

Rap battles are so 80s/90s.

Rap battles are so 80s/90s. (big sigh)
shanny's picture

The white media don't

The white media don't understand hip hop. Every mainstream outlet headlines was that Kendrick Lamar dissed Drake, bla bla. It wasn't a diss at all. It's competition. FIrst time in years I have spent the past 2 days listening to nothing but real hip hop. He is really making these rappers bring their A game. Astro's comeback was excellent. Cassidy's was really good. BoB was nice but the guitar riff is what really stood out. But that Astro. I to listen to that like 4x.
dede's picture

....the whole industry needs

....the whole industry needs to be revamped
Grown Man Ish's picture

Joell Ortiz's response was

Joell Ortiz's response was ehhh ~ considering the short time frame he came out with a response. Wishing Hot 97 would STOP playing it. Just waiting for Papoose and his haterade lyrics to make it's presence. No interest in listening to anyone else's response posted here or thereafter. Kendrick Lamar's verse IS fire. Knuff said.
GetUrLife's picture

Agreed with everything he

Agreed with everything he said. If you really listen to Kendrick he's basically saying he wants to take their fans which means these people are RELEVANT. It wasn't a diss, it was I'm coming for ya cuz you in my way! That's what a champ does. You go up against the best to be the best.
PacificGirl's picture

Well said!

Well said!
Shaysaidit's picture

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