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Tameka Raymond SPEAKS OUT On "GMA", Says She's More Than A Baby Momma

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Tameka Raymond appeared on "GMA" this morning where she explained why she's battling for custody of her sons and how she felt when she got the call about Cinco's accident.  Find out what she said inside....

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Today on "GMA", Tameka Raymond sat down with Dan Abrams to talk about her ongoing custody battle with her ex-Usher Raymond and the near-fatal drowning of her son Usher Raymond V (Cinco).

During the interview, Tameka described the chills she felt when she received a call about the accident.  "It was like I relived it. My brain went into all these modes. I'd gotten this call before." You'll recall that her 11-year-old son Kile Glover died in a boating accident about a year ago.

Here are the other highlights:

On if she blames Usher:

"I don't blame him, but I'm angry it happened on his watch."

Is she mad at Usher:

"Absolutely not. He's the father of my children. and I love my children more than life itself."

On what she wants going forward:

"I want to have first right of refusal. (If Usher is out of town) I don't want them to go home to the nanny and watch whatever show their dad is on. They should be home with their mom."

On how she is portrayed by the media:

"I don't have an agent. I have regular, working-class friends and family. We don't know how to fight the machine. I had a career, and to be reduced to some baby momma and gold-digger is hurtful."

On reports that a psychological examination revealed she had "a moderately severe mental disorder?

"I'm going to be retested. You would think from hearing that, that she must be cutting them, beating them, on crack."

Cinco is now out of the hospital.  Raymond vs. Raymond will be back in family court on the 27th of this month.

Check out the full video of Tameka's interview HERE.

Photos via ABC NEWS/Dan Abrams 




Im sick of her leave usher

Im sick of her leave usher alone...., she keep trying & trying...she's starting to look pathetic
danny3145's picture



this woman just wants to be

this woman just wants to be parlayed in the media. That's all. She is looking for a meal ticket.
sayitlikeyoumeanit's picture

That woman is ugly. Checkout

That woman is ugly. Checkout thegrandreport, they got some good video on there
V's picture

Not a big fan of Tameka

Not a big fan of Tameka Raymond's but I do understand how she feels about this situation and how traumatic it must have been to get another phone call about another injured child. Still-I think she's a lil wacky AND very bitter: which means I wouldn't trust her with my kids either. Plus, she claimed Ursh's hug in the courtroom was a media ploy yet here she is giving interviews. I usually watch GMA but I ignored this interview cuz Dan Abrams gets on my nerves. He's the male equivalent of Nancy Grace sometimes.
SMH_shameonitall's picture

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cvcnvcnrtu568's picture

I saw the interview when it

I saw the interview when it aired today. She was asked if had taken a mental evaluation and FAILED and she said that was true but she was going to re-take the test. END OF STORY!!!
love7endures's picture

why take your fight to GMA,

why take your fight to GMA, it makes you seem desperate...I feel anytime a court does not give mom the kids there is something not right with Mom or her ability to take care of the kids
Frankandberry's picture

Actually...you really are

Actually...you really are JUST a baby mama! Chick...you have 5 kids by 3 different dudes and you're not married to any of them. That's basically the definition of a baby mama...isn't it?
Meee's picture

Actually, she is not a baby

Actually, she is not a baby mama. She had 5 children within two marriages. These men married her. She is the mother of their children and their ex-wife. And no I do not have any type of allegiance to Tameka b/c I don't know her. What I do have an allegiance to are facts. Carry on ripping her apart now that you have them.
UmmmWhat's picture

To me, she is bc she got

To me, she is bc she got married AFTER the first 3 boys were born (w/the 1st son being by another man), then married Usher a couple of months before Cinco was born, so that seems Baby Mama-ish to me. IJS.

baby mama Urban Word of the

baby mama Urban Word of the Day The mother of your child(ren), whom you did not marry and with whom you are not currently involved. Oh her? She ain't nothing to me now, girl, she just my baby mama.
Frankandberry's picture

Just b/c other people are

Just b/c other people are intent upon being trash doesn't mean we should press the label baby mama upon those to whom it does not apply. And by trash, I mean any man who dismisses the mother of his children with such a label or anyone who chooses to reduce themselves or others with it.
UmmmWhat's picture

OH I agree with you. The term

OH I agree with you. The term Baby mama has no real definition, Having kids while you are married. I mean that is what we do..no better than "my baby daddy"
Frankandberry's picture

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