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NOT SO FUNNY: Russell Simmons RESPONDS To Def Jam "Harriet Tubman Sex Tape" Parody, But Was That Enough?

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In case you missed it, a controversial "Harriet Tubman" sex tape parody was uploaded to the All Def Digital Digital YOUTUBE Channel--which is headed up by Russell Simmons--and now Mr. Simmons is responding to the controversy.  See what he said and watch the clip inside.

"Black" social media set off a storm in popping off on Russell Simmons via Twitter and other means this week after a controversial parody of a Harriet Tubman sex tape appeared on a YOUTUBE channel headed up by Russ' Def Digital group.  Amid the controversy, the video was yanked by Russ from the site and he responded with an unapologetic statement:

"In the whole history of Def Comedy Jam, I've never taken down a controversial comedian.  When my buddies from the NAACP called and asked me to take down the Harriet Tubman video from the All Def Digital YouTube channel and apologize, I agreed.

"I'm a very liberal person with thick skin. My first impression of the Harriet Tubman piece was that it was about what one of actors said in the video, that 162 years later, there's still tremendous injustice. And with Harriet Tubman outwitting the slave master? I thought it was politically correct. Silly me. I can now understand why so many people are upset. I have taken down the video. Lastly, I would never condone violence against women in any form, and for all of those I offended, I am sincerely sorry."


Ummmm.....was this an apology?  It almost seems like Russell thought the video was funny....but he understands why you might be mad.  So therefore, he did folks a favor by removing it.  One has to wonder why anyone--especially pro-anything that belittles women or any race Russell Simmons like he portrays himself--thought this was funny.

We're still seeing top editors and prominent writers in the black community going off about Russell's handling of the situation.  

EBONY mag's Digital News+Life Editor, Jamilah Lemieux, tweeted:

Video is down but this isn't over....

There is actually a Colored fella on here talking about how critiquing Russell for that video is an "assault" on his legacy. Going to bed....

It's taking everything in me not to call this essay "Harriet Tubman Should Have Left Your Great Great Great Grandfather on the Plantation"

And author Dream Hampton said, before breaking down what the anatomy of an apology actually is:

It's important that apologies really mean something. It is an opportunity for the offender to be transformed.

Uncle Rush also tweeted,

 photo russeltweetsfff.png

And this morning, Russell's brother Danny said via hs FB page that the "apology" should be enough, because human beings make mistakes:

My last word on the Harriet Tubmam video that was on Russ new all def digital. My brother has pulled the video and made an apology. With that said Russell has made many many positive contributions to culture and the struggle of poor and black people worldwide. This video was a mistake but what also bothers me is how many people were quickly eager to denigrate and ridicule him. Instead of pointing out the error many rushed to belittle him. He is a human and humans do make mistakes. If they are big enough to admit them they make corrections. ..he did. We are close and I love him so please dont expect me to have negative things to say about my brother...I for one know how many people he helps daily both privately and publicly. I know how he gives of himself and his wealth.

Thank u Russ for taking this down and continuing to fight for the betterment of poor and oppressed people everywhere. Love u dude.

We managed to find the now "pulled" clip.


After watching the video, are you okay with Russell's statement?  Speak on it....




One thing that was a

One thing that was a permanent out come of slavery in the African American community was the sense of resolve to never go back to such a time and a fight that was burned deep into the soul of a people to fight no matter how long or how hard to gain the civil rights of full citizens in this country. This would not have happened so profoundly had the peoples who came here and were identified solely by skin color not have endured slavery together. Before the various peoples who became slaves were pressed into service, they were from many tribes and many people all across Africa and beyond. Their nationalities were tribal and they had the normal pride of a people, customs, family relationships and history that any people will have. That all was ripped away when they were taken into slavery.
Mike b's picture

Why is anybody surprised,

Why is anybody surprised, this is the same dude who says it's okay to keep using the N word in rap.

The white-american culture in

The white-american culture in this country hid our history from us. #Fact. The music industry only caters to rappers that make bullshit music. The government doesn't work for you. I mean Wake the Fuck up People. These white folks are laughing behind our back because we are too lazy to get it together as a culture. There are some of us that have standards but the bad always out shine the good. I'm glad I woke up a long time ago and realized there is hippocrates and double standards in this country. I can go on but will digress because this falls on deaf ears.
tuffcityBX's picture

Like Hip Hop the Black

Like Hip Hop the Black Community is Dead!!!!!!!!!!!!!! #RIP
tuffcityBX's picture

I am down with the

I am down with the boycott...somebody reach out to Tom Joyner, Roland Martin or the Good Rev. Al Sharpton let's get it started.
afua's picture

what a dumb ass, he's out of

what a dumb ass, he's out of touch! He doesn't even know that he should be ashamed, this was disgraceful!
afua's picture

OH HELL NAW!!!! We're trying

OH HELL NAW!!!! We're trying to get justice for Trayvon Martin and Russell thinks that this is appropriate?? We shouldn't be surprised coming from a man who dates females who are young enough to be his children or GRANDCHILDREN. And by the way, THOSE women are NEVER African American. We need to boycott him and Kimora. No one cares about negative comments. They only care when it affects their pockets.
love7endures's picture

Well said, I've been saying

Well said, I've been saying it for years. Hit them where it hurt and turn on your power. African American women has the most purchasing power. If we stop supporting, China and companies that benefit off us and look at us in a negative, they will have to respect you. But any black people are too lazy in this country.
tuffcityBX's picture

The more I think about it. We

The more I think about it. We need to force this clown to donate some money to a black sorority or black female organization. What is going on? Why are some black people so ignorant and stupid?
Creoles are beautiful's picture


Creoles are beautiful's picture


Creoles are beautiful's picture

Russell.....no. Just.....no!

Russell.....no. Just.....no!
Awwwww Shucks's picture

What did anyone expect from a

What did anyone expect from a man who dates post adolescent white girls.Was this suppose to get a buzz for your new record company. Trying to tarnish the legacy of a women who helped our ppl to freedom is funny. Well let me give you some ideas that you should have used. Why not put a look-a-like Kimora Lee in the bed with a white slave owner or how about your mother. Better yet why not put you in the bed with a slave owner giving up some brain. You being the parody of Uncle Toms Cabin. Now laugh at that Uncle Wack Ass Simmons. This was a low blow for a black man to send out a message to the next generation. This is not ok to laugh at. We are still fighting for justice and our black boys are being killed everyday by white ppl. You belong on the bottom of my shoe........allllll-right
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8888's picture

i thought he was Mr. Black

i thought he was Mr. Black History and Polictically correct. Considering that 90% of the People who buy and consume Def Jam never heard of Harriet Tubman and don't know their Black History he should be educating.
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excvsrywey's picture

Some of these black

Some of these black celebrities have too much money and free time. Instead of creating platforms to positively transform our communities, they are creating garbage and promoting ignorance. They are completely out of touch and do not care.
chaka1's picture

gooood point!

gooood point!
IOENOU's picture

You missing more than a

You missing more than a sensitivity chip, beyatch. Grown ass giving that kindergarten apology. Be sorry because you lost your way and not because people were hurt by your coonery. Too old for this crap.
Brave's picture

FAIL. The outtakes were

FAIL. The outtakes were funnier than the actual skit....



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