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YBF INTERVIEW: "Baggage Claim" Co-Stars Lauren London & Jill Scott Talk Being REAL Friends, Jet-Setting Styles (With Kids) & The Difference Between MEN & BOYS

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We caught up with two of our fave YBF chicks as they promoted their upcoming movie Baggage Claim in L.A.  We found out from Lauren London & Jill Scott that they're real life good friends, really.  And the secret to how both single moms keep it ridiculously fabulous while embarking on their Hollywood takeovers...both as single moms. 


Peek in on our fun chit chat from this weekend's press junket inside...

This weekend at the Four Seasons in Los Angeles, TheYBF.com caught up with two of the most fab chicks in the upcoming ensemble cast romantic comedy film, Baggage Claim.  Lauren London -- who rocked a casual chic look of nude Manolo Blahniks, AG Jeans & a sleeveless white lace Urban Outfitters blouse -- and Jill Scott.

Dimpled cutie Lauren wasn't shy about telling us the real difference between MEN and boys, and how she keeps it fly with this busy jet setting life of hers.  And with her son in tow.  She's got to film BET's "The Game" in Atlanta much of the year, make guest appearances on VH1's "Single Ladies' and still keep up that movie career and home life in Hollywood.  So we grilled her on how she juggles it all.

YBF: Tell us about your character in "Baggage Claim":
LL: I liked my character because she was so happy and full of life and just this bubbly personality and I got really attracted to doing the film because the cast was awesome. I've always wanted to work with [writer David E. Talbert]. I've known David for a couple of years now, I’ve wanted to do a project with him and then working with Paula Patton and Jenifer Lewis... I play Paula's younger sister who's getting married and I want her to be my maid of honor. She's the 'always a bridesmaid never a bride' and my wedding kinda leads her to finding a man in 30 days and a date to my wedding and you see her in the process of finding herself.

Since the backdrop of the movie is Paula and co.'s flight attendant jobs, tell us about a horror flying story:
That extra check they do. When they pat you down. Like, girl, really? I clearly am not walking around with anything. That's been horrible. I don't like people who I don't know touching me.

Do you think it's because you’re the fabulous Lauren London and they're trying to cop a feel?:
I guess it depends on what city your in (laughs) I don't know. They're rude so I wouldn't think fans would be so rude. I think some people just do the most when they have power.

Do you find it difficult traveling with a small child?:
I think it's always difficult traveling with toddlers. You just want them to be really comfortable.  You wanna make sure they have everything that makes them comfortable. It's not easy for us to travel as adults so you imagine as a kid they don't understand but he's been a pretty good traveler.

Who from the cast would you take to travel with you?
Uhh... who would be my travel buddy? Haha that would be a trick question. It would be Jill. That's my girl in real life.

What are your traveling essentials:
A bottle of water, sweats and a hoodie, sneakers, thick socks, good music and a good book.

What is on your travel playlist:
My iPod is so random. I have everybody from Dr. Dre to Anita Baker, Sarah McLachlan to everybody. But really I listen to old school Faith Evans to old Kelly Price CDs.

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What can we expect from Lauren London in the future?:
We actually go back to shooting another season of ‘The Game’ later on this month.

Agree or disagree: Men are intimidated by strong women

I don't think men are intimidated by anything, boys are though.

So are you dating?
No I'm not dating. I'm not into it right now. I'm enjoying being a mom and my career.


And proving that Lauren's co-star Jill is indeed one of those #RealFriends, she answered our travel buddy question very similarly to Lauren. 

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She also revealed to us that her character in Baggage Claim, "Gail", is a spicy man eater who loves a wig.  Something tells us this role isn't too far from real life.  Meow.

Check out what the fab mom of 3-year-old Jett says about her co-star (semi) crush, her travel style (we are SO with her on this), and spying on boyfriends.  Oh, and we found out she has a lil A$AP Rocky ratchet in her...

YBF: Who from the cast would be your travel buddy?
JS: Lauren London. That's my homegirl. She’s so cool to get along with. She’s really easy and fun, light spirited. I know Lauren doesn’t try to work on a vacation. She’s trying to chill on a vacation. Like ,when we go out it's because its mutual. Have you ever been on a vacation with someone who's  like ‘come on lets go to the...and lets have... and lets do the...’ it's really agitating. I work. I travel for a living so it's not like I wanna work on vacation. I wanna chill.

What are your travel essentials?
They have this awesome lotion they sell at the airport. I like to travel with rose water to spray on my face through the flight. I don’t go too many places without Halls and nasal decongestant. I have Halls often. I normally have a neck pillow and lotion.

Who do you listen to while you're traveling?
Right now, I'm listening to Gregory Porter whose amazing. I’m listening to A$AP Rocky and Laura Mvula.

Have you ever spied on your boyfriend?
I don’t think so. I have shown up unannounced before and saw something I didn’t want to see. That's happened but the whole spy game, no.

Who is your favorite leading man in the film?
I would say Djimon Hounsou, "Quinton".  He seems very romantic [SPOILER ALERT] and he doesn’t want anything but at least you know. Others will pretend they do until they know for certain then all you have left is a bunch of feelings. Quinton would be my choice.

If you met a man who offered you a lifestyle of no commitment, would you take it?
It depends on where I was in life. If I was looking for love, then no. If I was looking for a great time, absolutely. For me, at this time, I wouldn't take it.

Are you in the studio? What are you working on?
I'm in the studio whenever no one is seeing me. I just got off a tour but in between the tour I go to the studio at night. Im working on 2 records, one is called the lullaby record its for adults and infants. Its pretty awesome and a studio recording as well.


Catch these two hardworking YBF chicks in Baggage Claim, hitting theaters September 27th!


Lauren London Photo' & Correspondent: Lauren Smith/TheYBF.com, Jill & Lauren Photo: Angela Yee's IG



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