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Foxy Brown PERFORMS "Bands Up" In The Barclays Lobby For RapFix Live + Chris Brown Is STILL Hyping His "Gang Affiliation" In New Graffiti Messages

 photo foxy-bandz-up.jpg

Foxy Brown hit the stage on RapFix Live to perform her new buzz single "Bands Up" (and to make up for that other tragic performance of this song).  Watch her rock the lobby of the BK Barclays Center inside and see Chris Brown's latest round of graffiti (which sends a shoutout to a notorious LA gang).

Rap veteran Foxy Brown helped kick off VMA weekend with an appearance on MTV’s “RapFix Live” where she performed her new single "Bandz Up." Before performing the track in the lobby of Barclays Center, Foxy told Sway that's she's working on new music.

"There have been offers, of course. The bar is set so high that any label that I go to now has to be an incredible situation for me financially, even spiritually.”

When asked about her new buzz single, she said,

“‘Bandz Up’ is the first record that I did. I was hearing so many people drop all these records. I’m like, ‘What is going on?’ Just dropping records, records, records, and they weren’t amounting to anything, and I was just like, ‘How can people have this leave the studio?’ This is not what we do.”

Check out Foxy's return to the rap game above.  No falls occured.


In other music news.....

 photo chris-brown-graffiti-painting-monsters-photos-wm-016-480w-1.jpg

Chris Brown took a quick trip down to Hawaii yesterday to perform and reportedly he hired a tour guide to take him to a spot in Honolulu where he could spray paint legally.

 photo chris-brown-graffiti-painting-monsters-photos-wm-0110-480w.jpg

During his artistic outing, Chris tagged a large wall with his signature monsters and goblins.  But you won't believe who he gave a shout out to.....

 photo chris-brown-graffiti-painting-monsters-photos-wm-0112-480w.jpg

 photo chris-brown-graffiti-painting-monsters-photos-wm-0111-480w.jpg

Previously, we told you about Chris giving a shout out to the Fruit Town Pirus (a subset of the LA Bloods) on Twitter and now they've been tagged in his artwork!

Clearly, Chris is young and has a mind of his own.  But we have to wonder why a young, wealthy, troubled Black man is aligning himself with a notorious LA street gang, whether it's against his probation or not.  Nothing good can come of this.......


Photos via MTV/TMZ




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