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Lamar Odom Snatches Up Kris Jenner's Lawyer Rob Shapiro + Will & Jada Put Their $45 Mill Dream Mansion On The Market

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While Lamar Odom is nailing down an interesting choice of legal help to navigate his recent DUI situation, his wife Khloe is tweeting away as if nothing's wrong.  And garnering sympathy votes.


Check out the latest update inside, plus Mr. & Mrs. Smith selling off their fabulous mansion....

Well isn't this slick.  Lamar Odom has retained legal eagle Robert Shapiro as his lawyer for this DUI case.  You may remember Mr. Shapiro as the late Robert Kardashian's (Kris Jenner's ex husband) partner in the OJ case.  And he's also helped Kris in some legal matters of her own lately.

So it's only right she puts her dirty hands all over this case to act like the clean up woman. 

It's reported that Lamar may plead no contest, which is standard in these cases.  And he'll end up with probation.  By the way, Shapiro also handled Rob, Jr.'s latest criminal battery and theft case.

Khloe has taken to Twitter to continue posting selfies and ish as if nothing is going on with her husband or their marriage.  But she did say yesterday:

As much as I wish I were made of steel... I'm not

I'm pretty damn close to it though hehe

Oh.  And recently she wrote:

"Smile and no one will notice."



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And in other couple's news, the Smiths appear to be unloading some hefty real estate.  Fresh start...or something else?  Who knows, but we do know this $42mill California estate they've reportedly put on the market was the couple's dream home and was featured in Architectural Digest.

The near-Calabassas home is 25,000 sqft.  It took them 7 years to build and they just moved intot he home in 2011.  So why so quick to sell this amazingly gorgeous property?  Real Estate Stalker also reports they sold off their Hawaiian home in Kauai too.  Interesting...


The Randomness:

1.  Tyrese says he takes good care of his kid and shouldn't have to pay more in child support like his baby mama is demanding....because he threw his 5-year-old daughter Shayla a 300-person birthday party.  STORY

2.  Sean Kingston was cancelled from performing at a University in Canada after his rape case was settled.  STORY

3.  For the third week in a row, The Butler takes #1 at the box office! STORY


Photos: Khloe's IG/Splash




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