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This Is STILL Dragging On? Michelle Williams Offers to Have "Woman-To-Woman" With Keyshia Cole, Keyshia AGREES (Kinda)

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Michelle Williams and Keyshia Cole may have a "woman-to-woman" sit down so they may put the drama of KC's Super Bowl 2013 comments behind them.  See who extended the olive branch inside.....


Remember when Keyshia Cole dared to criticize Michelle Williams' performance during Beyonce's 2013 Super Bowl show?  In case you don't, Black Twitter LET HER HAVE IT!  Some people even joked that Keyshia was blacklisting her own career for speaking out negatively against her peers.

Although months have passed, folks are still asking Michelle for her opinion.  During a recent interview with Philly's Hot 107.9, the "If We Had Your Eyes" singer was asked about the comments.  But instead of hold a grudge, Michelle revealed that she was a fan and offered to sit down with  Keyshia.  She said, 

"I can’t wait to see her [Keyshia Cole] in person so we can really try to talk and say “hey what happened?” Cuz I will say this, I was a major fan of hers. That’s my first time even saying that. I understood her story… was rooting for her. I have a little sister that’s adopted. My little sister’s mother was a crack addict. My little sister was born ith crack cocaine in her system, so when I see somebody like Keyshia Cole who is defying the odds, doing her thing and taking care of her family, she was somebody I was rooting for!”

Michelle added that she NEVER tweeted anything negative about Keyshia.

"I don’t even do Twitter beef. I didn’t tweet that. It didn’t come from my account. I can copy and paste a tweet and make it seem like it came from your account and millions of people are retweeting it. Here’s the thing, I don’t delete tweets."


Once Keyshia's fans told her about Michelle's interview, Keyshia agreed to meet with Michelle.  

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Though you can still detect a little "shade" in both ladies' comments, at least they're willing to sit down and talk.  About this nonexistent issue. 

But...As long as their hearts are in the right place, they'll be able to work through it. But do us a favor....no "in studio" collaborations.  We don't see your voices blending well......


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