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SPOTTED: Missy Elliot & "Friend" Hit The NYC Streets With Designer Patricia Field

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It's been a minute since we've seen Missy Elliot out and about.  But the VA chick was spotted walking the East Village Manhattan streets yesterday with a "friend"--who is also her new artist Sharaya J.--and famed fashion deisgner Patricia Field.  Does someone have a fashion project on deck?


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She's always been known to rock out-there looks and have fun with fashion and her videos.  So seeing Missy Elliot out with "Sex & The City" & "The Carrie Diaries" designer Patricia Field makes us wonder....does the VA singer/producer have something fashion worthy up her sleeve?

 photo missynyc_zpse6598abd.jpg 

Recently Missy wrote Fantasia's "Without Me" banger, which also features Kelly Rowland.  And we're still blastin' it....


The Randomness:

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