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MOVIE FAB: Paula Patton & Robin Thicke, Taye Diggs, Lala Anthony & MORE At The "Baggage Claim" PREMIERE

 photo bclaims53wdlll.png

Last night, Paula Patton, Robin Thicke, Taye Diggs, Garcelle Beauvais, Lala Anthony, and other Hollywood stars walked the red carpet for the "Baggage Claim" premiere.  See the pics inside.... 

 photo PaulaPattonPremiereFoxSearchlightPicturesJlRqFJKg4RHl.jpg

Paula Patton donned a sheer Rhea Costa Fall 2013 dress as she walked the red carpet for the Baggage Claim premiere last night.   

 photo PremiereFoxSearchlightPicturesBaggagerNmGDhuGRssl.jpg

 photo PremiereFoxSearchlightPicturesBaggagezmdN135gPPSl.jpg

 photo PremiereFoxSearchlightPicturesBaggage6ZVvLkZG-LVl.jpg

Paula was escorted to the premiere by her husband, Robin Thicke.

 photo PaulaPattonPremiereFoxSearchlightPictures8MkNvlKfy5ol.jpg

 photo PaulaPattonPremiereFoxSearchlightPicturesLq2BZxBOoLNl.jpg

Paula admitted to USA Today that she's grown tired of talking about Miley Cyrus and her husband.

"It's just so funny, because when I saw him perform I was like, 'You guys killed it!' We hugged each other, we went out, celebrated. The next day, my cellphone [has] all these texts: 'Praying for you.' 'If you need to talk, I'm here.' It was all about the Miley thing and I thought, Why are people making such a big deal about it? Quite frankly, all my friends dance like that with him. He's like the guy that you can dance with, 'cause he's safe!"

 photo PremiereFoxSearchlightPicturesBaggage0ISVL5-iSLql.jpg

Reality tv star LaLa Anthony is among the film's stars.

 photo doneflying4.jpg

She shared her special red carpet moment with her father.  

 photo doneflying2.jpg

Jill Scott, whom we've watched blossom into a consummate actress, also has a leading role in the film.

 photo doneflying1.jpg

Trey Songz walked the red carpet with two lovely ladies, his mother April and grandmother.  

 photo TayeDiggsPremiereFoxSearchlightPicturespSjOHm7qCBHl.jpg

Taye Diggs is helping to usher in a new waves of Black films at the box office with starring roles in Baggage Claim and the upcoming Best Man Holiday.

 photo PremiereFoxSearchlightPicturesBaggagejt0lTjbMHhWl.jpg

Terrance J just wrote his first book The Wealth Of My Mother's Wisdom.

 photo PremiereFoxSearchlightPicturesBaggage8OB40d5CL_yl.jpg 

"The Game" star Lauren London didn't impress us with her red carpet look.

 photo PremiereFoxSearchlightPicturesBaggage5WDkF6R7KWul.jpg

Jenifer Lewis looked radiant.  We love her afro!

 photo doneflying3.jpg

Actress Naturi Naughton roared down the carpet in an animal print skirt.

 photo PremiereFoxSearchlightPicturesBaggagewLhGHNpAczQl.jpg

"DWTS" star Christina Milian celebrates her 32nd birthday today.

 photo PremiereFoxSearchlightPicturesBaggageUly-u8eIVTKl.jpg

"New Girl" actress Porscha Coleman looked pretty in pink.

 photo PremiereFoxSearchlightPicturesBaggageZOa0gZLbbYJl.jpg

"In The Company Of Friends" star Vanessa Bell Calloway walked the red carpet.

 photo PremiereFoxSearchlightPicturesBaggageryfgHgXqViEl.jpg

"Fire" singer Michelle Williams is dropping her Journey To Freedom disc on January 21, 2014.

  photo PremiereFoxSearchlightPicturesBaggageSdjaPROX13yl.jpg

Jennia Fredrique posed for the cameras.

 photo PremiereFoxSearchlightPicturesBaggageU_QwTVi11Q4l.jpg

Actor Brian White posed with his wife Paula Da Silva.

 photo PremiereFoxSearchlightPicturesBaggageMyCTa5elTcUl.jpg

"Baggage Claim" screewriter/director David E. Talbert celebrated his success with his wife Lyn by his side.

 photo PremiereFoxSearchlightPicturesBaggageouGPnUYOZRUl.jpg

Miss Jay smiled for the cameras.

 photo PremiereFoxSearchlightPicturesBaggage39sEede5abYl.jpg

"Necessary Roughness" star Garcelle Beauvais looked mesmerizing....literally.

 photo PremiereFoxSearchlightPicturesBaggageQc25QsTTA_Dl.jpg

Gloria Govan and Matt Barnes were there.

 photo PremiereFoxSearchlightPicturesBaggagePvuQsBimHyhl.jpg

Boris Kodjoe looked very dapper on the red carpet.

 photo PremiereFoxSearchlightPicturesBaggagen55HiUR7COtl.jpg

Singer LeToya Luckett showed off her amazing body.

 photo PremiereFoxSearchlightPicturesBaggageNfQGi6gkf4pl.jpg

Tank showed off his pec muscles.

 photo PremiereFoxSearchlightPicturesBaggage9vHvHmIq1hfl.jpg

Tank attended with his baby momma Zena Foster.  The pair told reporters that they were on a "hot" date.  

 photo PremiereFoxSearchlightPicturesBaggagei_Bm6T2Q9K-l.jpg

Veteran actor Leon came out to support the film.

 photo PremiereFoxSearchlightPicturesBaggage9QXssmElasBl.jpg

Funnyman Rickey Smiley cracked a few jokes with the photographers.

 photo PremiereFoxSearchlightPicturesBaggage9NC1es3N0J9l.jpg

Prankmaster Nephew Tommy was there.



For the afterparty......

  photo PaulaPattonPremiereFoxSearchlightPictures2n5i69O9j0Al.jpg

The films' stars, including Jenifer Lewis, Joyce Patton (Paula's mom), Paula , Robin Thicke and Gloria Loring (Robin's mom) headed to the Conga Room.

 photo PremiereFoxSearchlightPicturesBaggage8rrV-ne_SBzl.jpg

Trey and Lauren (you'll recall they were romantically involved in the past) were spotted posing for pics together.  

  photo PaulaPattonPremiereFoxSearchlightPicturesNhsFLb2Mnvll.jpg

Funnyman Affion Crockett also appears in the film.

 photo PremiereFoxSearchlightPicturesBaggagezbOOvLxHIz3l.jpg

Jill Scott "backed it up" on Boris!


Baggage Claim hits theaters on Friday.


Photos via Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images North America/Splash/WENN




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