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OH? Laura Govan Says Shaunie O'Neal RUINED "Basketball Wives" Franchise By Casting "UNMARRIED HOES"! (...And The World Laughs)

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In today's edition of ex "Basketball Wives" say the darndest things, Laura Govan just told the world where she believes Executive Producer (and cast member) Shaunie O'Neal went wrong with the new seasons of the franchise.


Check out the ho-shaming inside...

After hitting the Star Magazine Scene Stealers Party this past week (pictured above), former "Basketball Wives: L.A." star Laura Govan has some sh*t to talk about Shaunie O'Neal.

When the paparazzi cameras ran into Laura--the on-again off-again fiancee and babies' mama of Gilbert Arenas--she didn't hold back when talking about her beef with Shaunie.

She says the recent employees/cast members of VH1's "Basketball Wives" and "Basketball Wives: LA" are, to put it nicely, wack.  Apparently, Laura, who got the boot after the second season of her show, think Shaunie messed up by only putting hoes on the show.  Instead of actual wives, that is.

"I feel like she didn't keep [the show] in the basketball creed...."

"She shoulda kept 'Basketball Wives,' basketball wives" ... adding, "There coulda been a 'Housewives or a Ho' show for everybody else later."


That meeting of pot and kettle needs to happen STAT.

But it's also pretty obvious she's blasting the likes of Draya, Bambi, Brooke and anyone else who joined the show for reasons never explained.  They aren't married to ballers, weren't married to ballers, may or may not have even been engaged to a baller, and as far as we know don't have kids by a baller. 

Yes, we've heard the rumors about Draya's son's father possibly being a certain NBA baller, but it was never spoken about on the show.

We understand her point about many people in both casts not fitting the criteria of the title.  So we won't shoot the ironic messenger...




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