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The REAL Bow Wow Responds To Crazy "Catfish" Episode...

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Tuesday night's episode of "Catfish" was MUCH foolywangery.  After one young lady was "Catfish'd" by someone claiming to be Bow Wow, Bow himself has now responded.


Check out the foolery inside....

The level of foolery that went down on the Tuesday night's episode of "Catfish" was at an all time high.  We're honestly too drained to even give you the blow by blow.  But we'll provide a couple memes and quotes so you get the gist until you can watch that mug for yourself.


Down in North Carolina, Keyaunna (yep) has been carrying on an internet relationship with Shad "Bow Wow" Moss.  Since Keyaunna is Bow's biggest fan, she left her phone number on his fan page and was extra geeked when "Bow Wow" called her up.  She and "Bow Wow" had been communicating with romantic messages and more for months.  What's the "more" you ask?  Well, "Bow Wow" even sent a $10,000 MONEY ORDER (so we're not doing Chase Quick Pay or Paypal in 2013 we guess) to Keyaunna to gift her with some riches.

Keyaunna became skeptical when "Bow Wow" was never available to Skype or meet up because he was so "busy". 

After a text exchange with Nev telling whoever was on the other line that they don't believe he is Bow Wow, the response: "You're right.  This isn't Bow Wow.  This is Shad Moss. I'm taping "106 and Park" so I'll call u back."

Chile.  Yes, THAT is why she became skeptical.  P.S.  Keyaunna is somebody's mama and has a daughter. 

Fast forward to Nev and co. tracking down the phone number that has been calling Keyaunna.  After some roundabout calls--involving a chick from MTV--we learn that it's not Bow Wow's number and the assistant's name "Bow Wow" gave isn't correct.  And they also find out the phone number belongs to someone in Atlanta.

Fast forward again to what goes down after Nev, Keyaunna and Max road trip to the ATL.  Foolywangery ensues.


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 photo catfish_zps524ec98d.jpg  photo catfish2_zps4fa74203.jpg

"Dee Pimpin"--a CHICK who claims to be a musician--is the real person impersonating Bow Wow.  We're still unclear how she got that $10K (outside of assuming she commits some type of fraudulent schemes for a living) since NONE of her music is online and she pretty much doesn't exist by name. 

She said, "I don't post my music online because people will steal it."  Oh really?


So, as or Bow Wow's response to all this.... he says NOBODY can impersonate him.  And he invited both Keyaunna and "Dee Pimpin" on to "106 & Park" to meet up.  Lawd.  Peep the video below. 


Photo: Bow's IG




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