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Trey Songz & Team Breezy Fans Show Up At D.C. Courthouse To Support Chris Brown

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Trey Songz showed up at D.C. Superior Court today to support his homie Chris Brown at today's arraignment.  Team Breezy was also there...holding up signs of support.


Check out the updates inside...

The much delayed hearing for Chris Brown has yet to take place as there are a few issues of space.

Once Trey Songz made it through a crowd of fans outside to enter the courtroom to support his friend, ABC7 reporter Jennifer Donelan reports the courtroom became completely overpacked.

Chris' family is now being moved to a separate room since there are no seats in the main courtroom .

There are also reports of extra US Marshals, who are heavily armed, being stationed around the courthouse.

Still, no details on the actual arraignment have surfaced as it has not yet finished, but Team Breezy supporters are letting the world know where they stand.  Signs like the ones below are popping up all around the Superior Court:


 photo ScreenShot2013-10-28at23528PM_zps6c104158.png  photo ScreenShot2013-10-28at23536PM_zpsf4651c4d.png


As of an hour ago, Chris had not yet appeared in court.

The Randomness:

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Photos/Video: Georgia_Daddy's IG




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