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AWARD SHOWS: Idris Elba, Kelly Rowland, Lupita Nyong'o & More At The BAFTA Awards

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Last night's BAFTA celebration brought out Idris Elba, Kelly Rowland, Lupita Nyong'o and a host of other celebs.  See red carpet pics inside....

 photo KellyRowland2013BAFTALAJaguarBritanniaslH0JO-n4wsl.jpg

Last night, the BAFTA (The British Academy of Film And Television Arts) Awards were held at The Beverly Hilton in Beverly Hill, CA.

 photo 2013BAFTALAJaguarBritanniaAwardsPresentedGc5tXKrZ5X0l.jpg

 photo KellyRowland2013BAFTALAJaguarBritannia1Nq3-dY7suNl.jpg

 photo KellyRowland2013BAFTALAJaguarBritanniaB6hu9dTQV2el.jpg

"Kisses Down Low" singer Kelly Rowland's bosom made a triumphant stroll down the red carpet.  

 photo KellyRowland2013BAFTALAJaguarBritanniaFQw6GS1oSzyl.jpg

Outside the ceremony, Kelly, who's also the brand ambassador for Jaguar, posed alongside one of the company's latest models.  Jaguar was one of BAFTA's sponsors for the evening.

 photo IdrisElba2013BAFTALAJaguarBritanniamIULqbrGdTEl.jpg

Idris Elba, who's starring in  “Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom” (in theaters November 29th) walked the red carpet and received the Britannia Humanitarian Award at the ceremony.  He recently spoke to the HuffPost about screening the film for President Obama.

"...I felt very proud to play the character and be able to present it to Barack, who loves to watch films. And he has said to me in the past, “You’re one of my favorite actors.” Which is a great, great compliment.

Also, the fact that both of these men are so unique. Mr. Mandela was the first black president in South Africa and Obama being the first black president here, and somehow Idris Elba is connected between these two men. And that really does fill me with a lot of pride."

 photo IdrisElba2013BAFTALAJaguarBritanniaaGoFas8VTiUl.jpg

The actor, who recently revealed that he's suffers from asthma and experienced a recent attack during the film's premiere in South Africa, lists Ruth Wilson and fellow BAFTA attendee Naomie Harris as his favorite female co-stars.  "In terms of talent I’ve worked with very great actors. Ruth Wilson, who plays with me in “Luther” is amazing. Naomie Harris just completely blew my socks off. I’m very blessed in terms of working with great actors...."

Idris is also expecting his first child with girlfriend Naiyana Garth.

 photo NaomieHarris2013BAFTALAJaguarBritannianwYd2v-Dblil.jpg

Idris' Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom co-star Naomie Harris was also spotted on the red carpet.

 photo NaomieHarris2013BAFTALAJaguarBritanniaAkJBWWSoywDl.jpg

 photo NaomieHarris2013BAFTALAJaguarBritanniao2Ie6OY2o_al.jpg

Naomie wore Vivienne Westwood's Gold Label Strapless Dress, Christian Louboutin’s ‘So Kate’ pumps and carried a black satin clutch.

 photo NaomieHarris2013BAFTALAJaguarBritanniaHatbZfhvLzYl.jpg

In addition to her busy work schedule, Naomie finds time to do community service. Last week, she was spotted at a White House workshop for high school students about careers in film production.

 photo LeeDaniels2013BAFTALAJaguarBritanniaQQmGsecRc6Tl.jpg

Famed director Lee Daniels, who was recently honored at The Hollywood Film Awards, was on hand to pay tribute to Idris.  

 photo RocsiDiaz2013BAFTALAJaguarBritanniayYN0n2wXMUHl.jpg 

"ET correspondent Rocsi Diaz wore a sexy floor length black dress.  She tweeted "Epic night #bafta".

 photo ChiwetelEjiofor2013BAFTALAJaguarBritannia-vNDYKJsypIl.jpg

12 Years A Slave actor Chiwetel Ejiofor wore a slim-fitted suit.  

 photo LupitaNyongo2013BAFTALAJaguarBritanniabXYykYXkBcEl.jpg

Chiwetel's co-star Lupita Nyong’o, in a Lanvin 2014 resort dress, also attended the awards.

 photo LupitaNyongo2013BAFTALAJaguarBritanniam74GMfICm2Zl.jpg

 photo LupitaNyongo2013BAFTALAJaguarBritanniaNoBBgwifu8bl.jpg

Lupita, who recently accepted the "New Hollywood Award" at The Hollywood Awards, is getting a lot of Oscar-buzz.

 photo DavidOyelowo2013BAFTALAJaguarBritannia_SRNxPrz3Jil.jpg

Actor David Oyelowo, who also appeared in Lee Daniel's The Butler, was also among the attendees.

Photos via Michael Kovac/Getty Images North America




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