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Kerry Washington Reveals How She Keeps Her Husband & Wedding Ring Close By On "Scandal" Set + More "LUCKY" Pics

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In the December 2013/January 2014 issue of LUCKY, Kerry Washington reveals how she keeps hubby Nnamdi Asomugha close to her heart on the "Scandal" set and how she "throws down" on the holidays.  Get more deets on Kerry and see additional LUCKY pics...

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Folks are still in an uproar about Kerry Washington's cover of LUCKY (even the Christian Dior Resort 2014 dress didn't save the look for some folks).  But the mag's dish with Kerry sheds new light on the very private superstar and how she created her red carpet persona, her homemaking skills and an adorable way she keeps her marriage close to her heart.

Ms. Washington (or Mrs. Asomugha) told that mag that she's the type of girl who wants to wear her wedding ring on the subway without feeling uncomfortable (she is understated) and she revealed that she wears her wedding band and engagement ring on the set of "Scandal" by pinning them to Olivia Pope's clothes.  All to keep her husband close.  Sweet!   Here are the other highlights:

On working in Hollywood:

“It’s a miracle to even work in this industry. I didn’t become an actress to be on the cover of magazines. That was always a little scary to me. What I love about acting is the craft of becoming different people and telling a story.”

On the dangers of the media:

“Even for me, I think it’s a real danger to compare yourself to someone on a television show. I know that I am not going to look like [Scandal character] Olivia when I wake up and go to the bathroom at 4 o’clock in the morning. On the set, it’s somebody’s job to follow me around all day with spackle.”

On Olivia's Sense Of Fashion:

“People always come up to me and say, ‘Oh, I want Olivia’s closet,’ and I’m like, ‘Me too!’  Even for me, I think it’s a real danger to compare yourself to someone on a television show. There are shows where every time you see the character she’s in a different piece, and it’s like a fashion event,” she says. “I didn’t want that. I wanted Olivia to be a real person. We will always buy new pieces, but on every episode we try to use at least one piece that you’ve seen before, whether it’s a suit jacket or pants or a pair of shoes.”

On her Own Style:

“In my mid-20s, fashion intimidated me. But when I went to the shows, it suddenly occurred to me that it was the same as going to a gallery opening or to the theater…It is a moment to take in the work of a particular artist and decide how you feel about it.”

On Tracee Ellis Ross and E! critic George Kotsiopoulos

“They really taught me a great deal. They would give me the names of designers to watch or magazines to buy. And I started to develop a language around fashion.”

On living low-key:

"I can run into Madewell and J.Crew and be good for a few months. I’m not a formal person. I have a lot of jeans. And I have tons of sneakers, whether they’re the custom Nikes that you can make online or the Isabel Marant wedges. That’s the Bronx in me, for sure.”

On perfecting her style for her ever-changing duties:

“I always strive to be appropriate, I know that how people dress says a lot about what they believe and how they walk in the world. So I’m very aware when I make choices that those choices say things. I know whether a gown is the correct gown for the Met Ball or at the MTV Movie Awards or at the White House Correspondents’ Dinner.”

On wearing her wedding ring from hubby Nnamdi Asomugha:

“I never wanted to have a ring that I would feel uncomfortable riding the subway with. My wedding band and engagement ring are the only things I can say that I wear every day, I pin them to my clothing on set. That way, I always have them with me.”

Throwing Down In The Kitchen For the Holidays:

“My mother’s birthday is close to Christmas, and I like to cook around the holidays. It’s really a special time. I’m usually in charge of the veggies—I have a brussels sprouts dish that I make. And my mom and I bake this Jamaican rum cake together."


 photo luck5843.png

“There’s something cosmopolitan about this look. It speaks to the Bronx in me.” Banana Republic COAT; DKNY TURTLENECK; RAY-BAN Glasses; Movado Wach, Jimmy Choo Boots

 photo leuck2.png

"I don’t usually do a lot of sparkle, but this dress is perfect for the holidays.” - Michael Kors dress

 Photographed by Patrick Demarchelier Fashion by Carlyne Cerf de Dudzeele




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