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JUST MARRIED! Bobbi Kristina & Nick Gordon...

 photo BbZdy-GIYAAbdyHjpg_large_zps9d1f9b0a.jpg

Well...she went and did it.  Bobbi Kristina Brown is now officially married to her non-brother Nick Gordon.  Check out how she revealed the news about their wedded bliss inside...

For over a year now, we've seen 20-year-old Bobbi Kristina and Nick Gordon slowly but surely professing their love for each other.  They seemed to find solace in each other once Whitney Houston--Bobbi Kris' mother and Nick's guardian--passed away.  And the Houston family didn't seem to be a fan of their newfound relationship.

During the Lifetime reality show "The Houstons, we saw BK's Aunt Pat and the rest of the family expressing their issues with the relationship.  And grandma Cissy told friends and even wrote Bobbi K. an open letter about not being pleased with the twosome's behavior.

But y'all know you can't stop young love.   And tonight, B.K. announced she and Nick are happily married.  And she even posted pics of their new wedding bands, and her new name--Bobbi Kristina Houston Gordon:

 photo Bdk-IHwCYAADU6njpg_large_zps20e66035.jpg

She said:

 photo ScreenShot2014-01-09at103803PM_zps534235cd.png

It also looks like they have some projects of their own on deck.   She said right afterwards:

#ClassicHollywood #RoyalByBirth This. Is. Me BAM! @nickdgordon iloveubaby bouts change the world,#GETREADY!


 photo BaieW95IQAAXQZPjpg_large_zps4b55fb21.jpg

We have a feeling most in the Houston family won't be feeling any of this.  But hopefully, for Bobbi Kris' sake, this all works out like the fairytale she wants it to be.


Photos: Bobbi Kris' Twitter



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