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Get Under Nicki Minaj's Wig -- Rapstress Gives Us Natural (Hair) Hotness In New Pics

 photo zneEWva_zpscd155769.jpg

We've become accustomed to seeing her with clown-like makeup and equally clownish wiggery, but rapstress Nicki Minaj just showed us she can tone it all down and give us her real self. Well, her real hair & a new toned down style of makeup at least.  And less is indeed more.


Get up under Nicki's wig inside...

 photo 09a825b88f6f11e3b6a81263b72a9ebf_8_zps742af59d.jpg

It's not clear what project this is for, but Nicki Minaj is showing that she can be a pretty girl without all the over top makeup and wigs.  And we actually like the toned down look much more.  It reminds us of when she first came out pre-unconfirmed-but-we-all-know-Brazilian-Butt-Lift.

Nicki, who recently helped three up and coming rap chicks (P.T.A.F.) land a deal at Universal after she jacked their beat and rapped on it, said this is her with "No perm. No extensions."  It's not the first time she's thrown pics of her natural un-wigged hair out to her fans.  We guess she just wanted to remind folks she's a wig & weave wearer by choice. 

Peep the rest of the pics with Nicki in her pasties and stripper-like gear:


 photo 5c81c9208f6e11e3ba74128f0696eb74_8_zps4f9d75ab.jpg  photo f0ea5f7a8f6c11e393e3122a6eaa0995_8_zpsb39aa7fd.jpg photo 31be349c8f6b11e3a51e1238402b7216_8_zpsec10410b.jpg  photo ScreenShot2014-02-06at44213PM_zpsacbe27f2.png


The Randomness:

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