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IT'S REALLY OVER? Was Keyshia Cole's "You Can Have Him" TWEET Aimed At Daniel Gibson's ALLEGED Stripper/Mistress?!

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It looks like Keyshia Cole has washed her hands of hubby Daniel Gibson amid rumors he's been stepping out with a popular Houston, Texas stripper. See her tweets inside.....

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We've been following the troubled marriage of Keyshia Cole and Daniel Gibson for a few months.  With every tweet, Instagram caption of candid photo, we've wondered if they on the rocks, on the mend, on the fence, or simply finished.  Now....it looks like the latter.

Who is the "boo" in question?

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You might recall us telling you about HTown Ciara, a young "visual artist" who's been on the receiving ends of several stacks of Daniel's hard-earned NBA cash (meanwhile, Keyshia is on the hook with the IRS for $150K).  Though the picture above was snapped months ago, word on the street is Daniel is STILL making it rain on Ciara.

Back to Twitter.....

 photo kcolstdjd8.png

In addition to shouting out her own song, "I Should Have Cheated" Keyshia posted this on IG, "It's a respect thing. No hate. Being honest and truthful May seem harsh or uncalled for at times. But relationships last longer that way. I guess that's just knowing the one you love tho. GNight. No love lost. God got me to this point. He's the only one who can take me out."

In case you're wondering, Daniel has been silent on social media....we imagine he has a handful juggling Ciara and her talents. For Keyshia, she and manager Manny Hailey are working on her next release.


Photos via Keyshia Cole's Instagram/Daniel's Instagram






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