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Weirdest "Marriage" EVER: T.O.'s "Wife" Says She's DIVORCING Him...After 2 Weeks

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A few weeks ago, it was reported that former NFLer (who is reportedly severely down on his luck when it comes to finances) Terrell Owens secretly married a chick named Rachel Snider.  And now, just two weeks later, she says they're divorcing.


The ish was odd from jump, and now we're scratching our weaves even more.  Deets inside...

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Rachel, who is the only one of the two even speaking about their marriage, reportedly married T.O. in a secret ceremony on January 23rd in Newhall, CA.  We have yet to see a marriage certificate, but TMZ reported the "wedding" took place.

Rachel, who is a postal worker, even posted a pic of a wedding ring on Twitter:

 photo Screen-shot-2014-01-10-at-123849-PM_zpsdc4875b6.png

And now, TMZ reports she's filing for divorce.  Apparently she left T.O., is moving out of Cali and she believes Terrell only married her for money.  Oh?  She went even further claiming he used her to secure a $2 million loan.

"I felt in love ... and now I feel betrayed and heartbroken," Snider told the site.

But oddly, she tweeted just hours ago about how she's very married and looking forward to Valentine's Day:

 photo ScreenShot2014-02-07at20946PM_zpsf865c021.png

T.O. has yet to even mention this marriage to anyone anywhere, but Rachel is doing enough talking for the both of them.  She's been tweeting back at critics who say she's just some obsessed fan.  She's been attempting to prove they've been "friends" for years...even though we're not sure how exactly.

And there are no pics of the two together.  She does seem to superimpose herself into pics with him though. 

Is it possible she is simply an obsessed fan (she tweeted about T.O. OFTEN before this marriage news surfaced like she was a stan) who is concocting this whole marriage and divorce bit for attention?

We reached out to Terrell's people and heard nothing back.  So, is it also possible T.O. took advantage of her fandom to do exactly what she's accusing him of?

We're not sure, but something in the milk ain't clean...


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