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SURPRISE: Michael Ealy & Wife Khatira Have A Son Named Elijah! + Lil Kim's Baby Daddy Revealed As MR. PAPERS

 photo Khatira_Rafiqzada-pic_thumb_zps4d144799.png

Michael Ealy has a baby y'all!  This guy must be competing with Kerry Washington on who can keep their personal lives more private it seems.  Deets inside about the About Last Night star's big reveal today...

Not only did sexy actor Michael Ealy pull a sneak attack when he married now wife Khatira Rafiqzada in total secrecy, but now they had a baby without anyone knowing as well.

“I never understand why people announce the birth of their children.” - See more at: http://madamenoire.com/400882/michael-ealy-son-revealed/#sthash.IeT66n5m.dpuf

Michael hit up the Steve Harvey Show today to promote About Last Night with co-star Regina Hall.  And when the convo turned to Michael's personal life (which he HATES talking about), everyone got served a nugget of unexpected info.

 photo samuel_52fcea0e9aa19_2108_MICHAEL_REGINA_STEVE_zps0df0b0d1.jpg

According to Madame Noir, after Steve asked Michael how married life is treating him one year in, Mike revealed all that he's learned so far about marriage.  And when Steve asked if kids were on the way....Michael dropped the bomb. 

"We have a son."

Oh?!  Who knew? 

Apparently Regina, because she chimed in saying, "He's a beautiful little boy."

Michael said, “I never understand why people announce the birth of their children.”

No explanation on if the baby was born before or after marriage...or any other details.  But Michael as a daddy seems like a super cute image in our heads.



And in Who's The Daddy news of the day, Lil Kim's on-again/off-again boyfriend is laying claim to her baby.  Radio host Rickey Smiley called up Mr. Papers to ask him what he knows about Kim's pregnancy.  And he confirmed....No Maury.

"Yeah that’s my baby.  No Maury (Povich) needed."

This statement is so hood-tastically funny to us.  And not even sure why...

When asked if they were currently split (since Kin has tweeted about them being on and off so many times), he said:

"No we are together.  That’s my wife. He (the baby) gonna be a Gemini."

And no, we don't think he means "wife" in legal terms.


Anywho, Kim has still yet to formally confirm her pregnancy--outside of holding her belly in pics at The Blondes NYFW show the other night.


Photo: Steve Harvey TV



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