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Political Twitter Reacts To The MISTRIAL Ruling In The Michael Dunn-Jordan Davis Murder Trial

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In what seems to be another gross injustice in the state of Florida, a mistrial has been declared in the case of Michael Dunn killing unarmed black teen Jordan Davis.  Find out how political Twitter has responded...


47-year-old is facing at least 60 years in prison (plus another 15 for shooting into a car) after shooting his firearm into a car full of unarmed black boys.  But many are still not willing to simply applaud "getting something", when the killing of Jordan Davis still has no justice.

On November 23, 2012, Michael Dunn pulled into a Florida gas station after his son's wedding so that his own fiancee could grab wine and chips inside the convenience store.  He pulled up next to a red Durango full of teenage boys, who stopped for gum and other things, who happened to be playing their music loudly.

According to Dunn, he said he didn't like that "rap crap".  His fiance admitted that he described the music as "thug music". Dunn claims he asked the boys to turn their music down, then he claims they began threatening his life and verbally attacking him....and he claimed to see a gun barrel coming out of their car.

The prosecution called B.S. saying there was no gun in the car, and Dunn simply was just mad about the music being played (even though the teens were full in their legal rights to be at that gas station playing whatever they wanted to play inside THEIR car.)

Dunn then grabbed his gun out of his glove compartment, approached the boys' vehicle, and fired 10 shots at the car. He reportedly continued shooting at the Durango even when the boys drove away.

17-year-old Jordan Davis died due to the gun shots.

Michael went on about his merry way with his fiancee, ordered pizza, drank rum and walked their dog back at their hotel room, and never even contacted police himself.

Fast forward to yesterday's trial where the jury--made up of four white women, two black women, four white men, an Asian woman and a Hispanic man --came back with a disappointing verdict. 

Michael Dunn was found guilty on 3 counts (for the other three boys in the vehicle) of attempted 2nd-degree murder, but a mistrial was declared on the murder charge (and the lesser included charges) in regards to Jordan Davis.  The jury simply couldn't make a decision and were deadlocked.  And based on the makeup of that jury, we're going to go out on a limb and say we're pretty sure race--and them automatically seeing Jordan, a black teen, as a thug--played a part in them not calling a spade a spade (murder is murder).

The NYT reports:

"The prosecutors said [Dunn's] behavior did not jibe with the actions of a man who had fired in self-defense. They also argued that Mr. Dunn had had enough time to reflect before shooting, which was why they accused him of premeditated murder."

Dunn's claims of "feeling threatened" are, in our opinion, code for "I just felt like killing these black boys who didn't respect my wishes".  The boys were unarmed and never left their car.  But Dunn claims he was standing his ground (so the boys who were approached can't stand theirs??) because of threats...even though it was only HIM who decided to get out of his car WITH his gun.

Dunn even said on the stand at one point, "My intent was to stop the attack, not necessarily end a life," he testified. "It just worked out that way."  WORKED OUT that way?  Interesting choice of words, sir.

Political Twitter and Americans people the board are pissed, feeling that justice really has not been served.  No one has been held responsible for the murder--and that's what this was--of Jordan.


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Jordan's parents spoke to media saying they will continue to wait for justice for their son.  Today would have been his 19th birthday.


Photos: Facebook/AP




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