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HOUSEWIFE FIGHT (Off Camera): NeNe Leakes & Marlo Hampton Slice & Dice Their BEEF With Major Insults! [UPDATED]

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Marlo Hampton and her alleged real tears showed up and out on last night's episode of "Real Housewives of Atlanta".  And her fight with former bestie NeNe Leakes spilled over from the television to Twitter.  And we were here for it all....

So....last night we saw the Bailey Brawl Bowl go down...and not without its drama.  Marlo Hampton was "upset" and screaming about NeNe supposedly not inviting her onto Team Rich for the games.  So she joined Kenya's Team Twirl instead, and Marlo feels NeNe now hates her BECAUSE of her friendship with Kenya.

So Marlo shouted insults to NeNe about only wanting "friends" who kiss her ass.  And she attempted to read Mrs. Leakes about NeNe's style being upgraded...only because of Marlo!  And she also told her to go handle that Donald Trump hair as well.

We cackled.

But NeNe didn't sit back and take it.  She tried to walk away from the situation--after throwing her water bottle Marlo's way and fiercely throwing down her mic pack--because she didn't want to give Marlo the reaction she wanted.

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But over on Twitter, NeNe had some ish to say about her former BRIDEmaid (this KILLS us) Marlo.  She blasted her about Bravo NOT wanting Marlo's "brand", and NeNe being the only reason Marlo is seeing the light of day on "RHOA".  And...she called her Manlow. 

We cackled again.

Peep the catty exchange below, with Kenya Moore chiming in:


Check out the clipfrom last night below:

[UPDATE]: NeNe continued her read (and even threw shade at Kandi) on her Bravo Blog today:

Here we go again! If you read my blogs, then you know I hate long, drawn out stuff. I don't have time to touch on the BS, so let's jump right in!

The Bailey Bowl: I love a good challenge, so when I was told to gather up a team and meet on a field for some fun and competition, I was there! We started off by having some good competitive fun. Then here comes the BS!

Look, there's a lot I could say, but instead I'll just say this: Kandi, you have never seen me walk away from a fight and you have never seen me physically fight either have you? My son was at this event, and as much as I would like to be Mama Joyce and take my shoe off and hit somebody or drag someone down the street, I would never stoop so low to the gutter with my son around, so you are right! I know how to respect myself enough to walk away from something that no longer serves me, helps me grow, or makes me happy. In life you have to pick your battles; everything isn't worth fighting for or worth the emotional investment.

I never need to speak on the Marlo situation, because she's not important and not a part of this cast, but I supported Marlo and helped her unselfishly when nobody wanted her around. I will repeat NOBODY! Some of these girls were uncomfortable with Marlo's criminal background and didn't want her around. I looked past that and really tried to see her heart. I was honest to a fault with her and a true, loyal friend. Say what you want, but there are rules to friendship! Everyone that knows me knows that I’m a loyal friend, and I expect the same in return. In friendship you have to give and take. If I give, that doesn't mean all you get to do is take! A so-called friend that fraternizes with the enemy is an opportunist in my opinion. They smile in your face, but are looking to take your place.

At the Bailey Bowl Marlo showed me her street side that everyone talks about. Yes, you can put lip stick on a pig, but it's still a pig! Do I care that Manlow and Krayonce are friends? Absolutely not! I think they are the perfect match! Marlo has officially graduated from hungry to thirsty. I'm sure Krayonce promised her a role in one of the multi-million dollar movies she produces. Kenya has nothing but deceitful, evil intentions and Marlo fell for them! I want nothing to do with either of them. When I’m done with you, I’m done with you.

Thanks again for riding hard for me! I know this ride can get bumpy sometimes.

PS: If I had stayed and gotten into a fight, I would be wrong. If I walked away, I would be wrong. If I didn’t show up at all, I would be wrong. You can't win!

Stay Fabulous,
NeNe Leakes


Photos: Marlo's IG, Bravo



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