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Sundy Carter & Brandi Maxiell Exchange Nasty Tweets + Draya & Orlando's Courtside Date Night

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Sundy Carter hit Twitter at 4AM the other morning virtually swinging on "BBW: LA" co-star Brandi Maxiell.  Apparently she wasn't feeling what had just gone down on this week's episode.  So Sundy tossed some fiery tweets Brandi's way about some pretty sensitive things.  Check it inside, plus Draya's courtside date night with Orlando (apparently those cheating accusations aren't stopping Draya's mission to get wifed)....


After this week's episode of "Basketball Wives: LA" ended with a fight at a charity event, you know--the reality show usual--Sundy Carter took to her Twitter account to blast Brandi.  Needless to say, the two newbies have not hit it off so well since the season started.  So Sundy is accusing Brandi, who is a cancer survivor, of MANY things.  And even alluded to her friends smashing Brandi's husband!


Brandi popped back with this:

Goodness gracious!

But elsewhere in L.A., Draya was busy convincing herself and the rest of the world all is just dandy with her and boyfriend Orlando Scandrick.  Yep, despite him getting caught having inappropriate communication with with Jackie Christie's daughter, Chantel.  And didn't she also say in her confessional that she's caught him slipping up SEVERAL times?

 photo e408e8eea8d011e3912e0a67fd6ef8ef_8_zpsa0e46927.jpg

She posted pics of him "taking her out on a date" to the Clippers game:

 photo 8f6b182ea8e511e3b2661256bee58567_8_zpsb097467b.jpg  photo b952d98aa93d11e38de712156f482610_8_zpsf6065592.jpg  photo a72ff1a0a8d111e3bb561286f3f88ddb_8_zpsa4443861.jpg

She brought along her friends like Chantal Jeffries.

And any thoughts on both Draya and Orlando belittling Chantal saying she's "brown skin, chubby and has a mole"?  Orlando saying "None of that is my type" and Draya responding by essentially calling herself "better" because she's the "model type"....was a bit much.  But not surprising.



Photos: Chantal's G, Draya's IG, Sundy's IG, Brandi's IG




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