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APOLLO NIDA On "Snitch" Plea Deal -- "It's Standard Language!"

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Apollo Nida is speaking out about his new plea agreement which, in part, calls for him to go undercover to snitch on other possible convicts.  Check out what Mr. Smarty Pants had to say inside...

When the report surfaced today that Apollo Nida made a plea deal with the Feds that involved him essentially becoming a "snitch" to catch other convicts in his same lane...it pissed Phaedra's hubby all the way off.

So what does this guy do?  Take it to Twitter.  And that's where he ran his mouth about "agreeing to undercover operations" being "standard language" in a plea agreement.

Well, if anyone can teach us what goes down inside a federal plea agreement, it's Apollo.  He's had more experience than most of us.

Meanwhile, Apollo plead guilty to fraud charges yesterday, which was all part of the plea deal in question.

And y'all know Wendy Williams is not staying quiet about all this.  She hit up "Huff Post Live" today and told Marc Lamont Hill how she REALLY feels about it all.  And even mentioned that everyone on "RHOA" needs to be fired.  Can't say we don't agree there.

Check it:


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