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WHOA: Sherri Shepherd's Husband Calls Marriage A FRAUD....And He Wants Custody Of Unborn Baby (By A Surrogate)!

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Well...this escalated quickly.  Sherri Shepherd's husband not only filed for divorce (well, legal separation to be exact) last week, with us just finding out today, but docs have revealed they also have a baby on the way!  And dude wants full custody....and is also calling the marriage a fraud!


Deets inside...

After three years of marriage and about four years of Sherri gushing about her husband on "The View", Lamar Sally (Sal) dropped a bomb on her. 

We already told you Sal's the one who filed the divorce papers.  Now TMZ is saying they are technically "legal separation papers", but that's only because Sal doesn't meet the proper 6-month residency requirements in Cali in order to file for divorce...but he will indeed file for divorce in three months, according to the site.

According to the court docs, Sal revealed that he and Sherri have a baby on the way....via a surrogate.  He or she is due at the end of July.  And, you guessed it, he wants FULL custody and only wants to give Sherri visiting rights. 

He's also asking for spousal support, of course.  Oh, and about that prenup they signed, he wants it tossed out!  Why?  He's claiming the prenup is invalid due to FRAUD.

Say what now?

So...there could be a few scenarios at play here.  Sal COULD be propositioning for full custody as a strategic move to make Sherri want to give him MORE spousal support in exchange.  He also could want full custody in order to get child support in addition to spousal.  Or, he could just really want to raise a baby solo dolo.  Hmph. 

And that FRAUD claim is about to be some ish.

Any way it goes, there seems to be nothing amicable about this here split.  Sherri has remained silent about it all (and so has her bestie Niecy Nash who set up the twosome).

Things are getting ugly....


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