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Terrence Howard Wants Divorce Settlement Thrown Out, Says He CAN'T Afford It! + Mariah Carey & Nick Cannon’s Mansion Goes BACK On The Market

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Terrence Howard is fighting his estranged wife in court. And it’s over the amount of spousal support he’s supposed to cough up. Meanwhile, the buyer who was going to purchase Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon’s Bel-Air mansion has backed out. Deets inside…

Although she filed for divorce over 3 years ago, Terrence Howard and his estranged wife Michelle Howard are still trying to come to an agreement on how much Terrence should be paying her for spousal support. He wants to have the divorce settlement thrown out so he filed legal documents to have it amended.

The Best Man Holiday star is making claims that he simply can’t afford the set amount of spousal support Michelle is requesting a month. He also believes she blackmailed him into signing the document in the first place. Michelle, who was only married to Terrence for one year, claims her ex owes her a whooping $325,000. Ouch...

So why can't Terrence afford the spousal support? Well, according to him he is only bringing in $5,878 a month. He revealed he’s left that amount after coughing up coins to another ex-wife, Lori McMasters, to pay her spousal and child support. TMZ reports Terrence is an employee under Lori and has his movie money going straight to her and she cuts him a check after she gets her share. Hmmm…

Sounds a bit crazy but crazier ish has happened.


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Unfortunately for Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon, they are still on the hunt to unload their million-dollar Bel-Air mansion. The couple thought they had neogiated a $10 million deal for the uber luxe pad but apparently, the buyer backed out…and didn’t say why. Hmph.

Now the house is up for sale for a cool $13 million if any of you are interested.



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