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ALL ABOARD: The Grand Dames Of RHOA Head OVERSEAS To TURN UP For Phaedra Parks' Birthday - WITHOUT Nene?!


 photo aisa1.png

The ladies of RHOA headed overseas for a bash celebrating Phaedra Park's birthday.  Shockingly....Nene Leakes was absent from the pics!  See the photos inside...

 photo asiajj12.png

The cast of RHOA (sans queen bee Nene Leakes) gathered together to celebrate Phaedra Parks' 43rd birthday (even Kenya tagged along!) 

Because the ladies kept mum about their destination, we can only guess that they might have landed somewhere in Asia or Pacific Asia because  they definitely boarded a Korean Air flight (the seats are unmistakable).  We ARE sure they were in Korea at some point because new housewife Claudia Jordan tweeted about shopping in Korea and traveling 20 hours. 

 photo asiajj7.png

Wow....Cynthia Bailey managed to make Ebola safety precautions look fashionable!

 photo asiajj6.png

Kandi Burruss also took precautions.  She posted on Instagram, "I'm not taking any chances! Thanks Dr. @jingjingharris for my mask! I won't be instagramming for a while. I'll miss you guys!"  Hmm....how long was the trip?

 photo asiajj4.png

Kenya and newbie Demetria McKinney look like they've become fast friends.  They regularly pop up on one another's Instagram feeds. 

    photo asiapp2.png 

We're wondering why Nene Leakes is missing from the pics and if she would she really skip out on Phaedra's first birthday party as a newly single woman?  Hmm. 

 photo asiajj5.png

Since Nene is the star of the show...maybe BRAVO booked her on a private flight?  You'll recall that she's been in rehearsals for Broadway's Cinderella....perhaps she was booked?! One thing's for sure.....Cynthia didn't miss her at all! 





Photos via claudiajordan/thekenyamoore/kandi buruss/cynthia bailey Instagram




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