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CUSTODY BATTLE UPDATE: Ludacris' BABY MOMMA TESTIFIES The Rapper Offered Her $10,000 To TERMINATE Pregnancy And BRIBED Her With A Home

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As Ludacris battles Tamika Fuller for full custody of their daughter Cai Bella, Tamika shockingly revealed that he gave her $900 to terminate her pregnancy AND offered another $10,000 and a home.  Watch the courtroom testimony inside...


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This spring, Ludacris is heading to the silver screen in Fast & Furious 7, but first, he's involved in a messy custody battle over his "break baby" Cai Bella.  Luda (atop) headed to court yesterday where he hoped to prove to a family court judge that he and his "newlywed wife" Eudoxie would provide a more stable environment for Cai Bella - unlike her "single" mother Tamika Fuller.  At least that's what Tamika says was Luda's intent.

Luda currently pays Tamika $7K a month in child support (Sidebar: she wants $15K), and Tamika thinks his ploy for custody is simply to keep money in his pockets..not for the love of Cai! 

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During testimony yesterday, Tamikia (above) revisited the moment she told Luda about her pregnancy and his reaction was not positive.  She said he cried about the baby ruining his life and even encouraged her to get an abortion. 

"I told him the same day I found out. He was not happy. He cried.  He did say this isn't something that we planned. Let's move forward with an abortion. The baby's not going to have a family. The baby is not going to be with the mother and the father in the same house. This is just all bad. This is going to ruin his life and ruin his career."

When asked directly about the abortion offer, Tamika revealed,

"He gave me the money for an abortion actually. It was $900 and some change. We were having a conversation about it.  He was like I can't take you back to the house. I got 10 grand.  I'll work it out.  I can help you out with whatever it is you need.  If you need a house...we're going to work together."

Watch her testimony here:


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We'll keep you posted as the battle for Cai Bella continues....




Photos via FameFlynet/Tamika Fuller's Instagram



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