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Brandy Gets Candid About Dealing With Depression, How Broadway Has Made Her A Better Person & Becoming An Honorary AKA

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Brandy is giving us an inside look into how she overcame depression and how her Broadway role in the musical “Chicago” has helped change her life. Find out what she dished on inside….

Brandy is “Sitting On Top Of The World” right now as she wows audiences as small-time chorus dancer Roxie Hart in the Broadway musical "Chicago." Inspired by Usher after seeing him star in the Broadway musical, the former “Moesha” star is making her mark on the Broadway scene. But, before landing the role as Roxie, the 36-year-old actress found herself at rock bottom and wanting to give up.

In an interview with NewYork.com, the “I Wanna Be Down” singer opens up about her battle with depression and how after so many career letdowns, she started to lose her faith in God. She reveals a year before she nabbed her Broadway role, she had hit rock bottom and was down and out. Rather than wallow in her sorrows, the mother-of-one reached out for help and did the “work” to awaken her spirit and to start dreaming again. And we’re SO glad she did because she is killing it on Broadway!

She talks about how her Broadway experience (which has been extended to August 2nd) has made her a better person, mother and entertainer. And although it’s challenging to get on that stage night after night, she said, “This experience has truly reawakened the fearless Brandy that I once was as a child.”

The YBF chick also dishes on becoming an honorary member of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc., joining the sisterhood her mother, Sonja Bates-Norwood, holds close to her heart.

Below are the highlights:


On suffering from depression:
People would never guess the dark space that I was in about a year ago and how long I was sad and depressed. It showed in my physical frame and in my eyes. Long story short: I cried out for help and the decision followed to be “the best version of myself” I then did the “work” spiritually, mentally and physically and saw my old life disappear. Chicago presented itself to me and I then stepped into my dream. I’m wide-awake now. Thank you, God.

On her faith being restored:
There are so many career upsets and disappointments I can’t really count. At the end of the day, I stopped believing in myself and I started to lose faith in God and what he blessed me with. I stopped believing. Now, I’m dreaming again and I believe that any and everything is possible. It took a while for me to get to this place, but I’m here now and I’m never going to stop believing ever again. I know who I am and what I am here to do and I know that God is always with me, for me, and rooting for me. That’s enough to inspire the world.

On Chicago making her a better person:
Adjusting to the rigorous regimen of working in Chicago was quite easy for me, to be honest. I was already in a deep focus and discipline before I got to New York. I was ready for the work and up for all the challenges that came with it. I would say the challenging part of the “experience” is truly trusting the moment and staying as present as possible. My focus and discipline definitely has gone to the next level. This experience has made me a better everything.

On becoming an honorary AKA:
Becoming an honorary Alpha Kappa Alpha made my mom (Sonia Bates Norwood) so happy. That’s all I would hear growing up was about her being an AKA and their sisterhood. I was honored to be embraced by such beautiful women and now to be a part of a sisterhood is really sweet.

Check out her full interview here.


Be sure to grab your tix to see Brandy in "Chicago" before August 2nd!


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