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Karlie Redd Spotted With Lyfe Jennings At The Club....Are They A Couple? + Lil Wayne Kicked Off Private Airplane For Smoking Weed

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"LAHH ATL" star Karlie Redd was spotted at a club in Atlanta with an R&B singer.  Find out who she sipped cocktails with inside and get the story behind Lil Wayne and his crew getting kicked off an airplane. 


In addition to acting in films like Top Five and hawking things like liquor, weaves and waist trainers on Instagram, we think "LAHH ATL" starlet Karlie Redd has a new crush.  The reality diva was spotted with R&B singer Lyfe Jennings at Tongue & Groove Monday last night.

We snooped both of their social media accounts and this is one of the first times we've seen them out together so.....they could be "friends" or maybe this is something very fresh and new.  Our photographer source says they definitely looked like a couple.  So is Yung Joc totally out of the pic...for now?

Either way, we've got our eyes on this one.


In mid air....

 photo Screenshot 2015-07-21 07.30.25.png

Lil Wayne and his crew were kicked off a private plane for lighting a joint in the air! Weezy and his crew charted a private plane in Ft. Lauderdale and prior to take off, they informed the pilot that they wanted to blaze. Of course, the pilot shut them down. But.....that didn't stop the fellas! Minutes after takeoff, they decided to light up anyway.

We guess Wayne and the boys thought that they could call the pilot's bluff in mid air....but the pilot said 'Nah.' Once he got a whiff of that Kush, he turned the plane around 17 minutes after takeoff and landed it right where it departed. Bloop!

 photo 0720-wayne-leaving-plane-tmz-wm-3_zps0kbn75xg.jpg


But it gets even more ratchet.....

When the pilot landed back at the airport, Wayne disembarked (above) with double styrofoam cups in his hand (witnesses say the contents were consistent with sizzurp). SMH......didn't we have to concern ourselves with Weezy and his mid-air "seizures" a few years ago? Isn't he supposed to be "sober"?  Sigh....

Wayne does have a lot on his mind with his whole Birdman/Young Thug beef....but we don't think Codeine is the answer to the legal woes.



Photos via Lil Wayne's Instagram/Atlnightspots/TMZ




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