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Kordell Stewart NEVER Dated The "Deliverdt" Guy, Says He's DELUSIONAL And They've Never Met (UPDATED)

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Retired NFL-player Kordell Stewart is speaking out about an interview that calls his sexuality into question.  More inside...

Will y'all let Kordell Stewart live in peace?   Years after he walked away from reality tv and ex-wife Porsha Williams, he has not been able to fade into obscurity.  Once again, he has been dragged into the spotlight.

We hate to give Andrew Caldwell any more attention, but he's the guy who went viral a few months ago after he said he was "delivered" from being gay.  The folks over at TheShakeUp radio show went digging through the internet crates and invited him on the radio where he "deliveredt" a controversial interview. 

During their chat (watch it here) he claims to have dated NUMEROUS closeted men, in particular Kordell Stewart.  Wait....what? Yes....Andrew said Kordell bought him purses and cars.  Sigh.....

Whether this is true or not.....why throw Kordell under the bus? Is that where we're going in 2016?  Folks we messed around with prom night and gonna discuss our business 10 years later?  We're still sipping our tea and eating our popcorn while you spill though...

Anyway....the story has gotten NATIONAL traction.  Yes, Andrew Caldwell is back on Yahoo, Google and Bing in a big way.  All at Kordell's expense.  

Kordell, who "retired" to get away from ish like this, has be forced to defend himself. He talked to TMZ Sports this week where he told them, "I'm a heterosexual man."  

Kordell went on to say that Andrew is delusional.  "I don't know the guy. I've never heard of him. There's no room in my personality for that lifestyle. It's not what I believe in."

So.....that's what Kordell had to say.  Is there a next step?  Kordell told TMZ that he has not decided if he wants to sue Andrew for defamation.  It's a waste of money....but he should be taken to task.

For giggles......

Over on Instagram, Kordell posted a funny Jay Z clip, explaining why he won't "engage" Andrew in any discussion. "Y'all should know me by now I don't entertain foolery or dumb shit... #TRUTH #KORDELLISM".

Oh Kordell...



UPDATE (October 8th, 2015):

Guess what....Andrew Caldwell has RETRACTED his statement regarding Kordell.  What exactly does that mean?  Well...Andrew now "admits" he's NEVER dated Kordell and they've never met.  Say what now???!!!!  Then he offers a half-assed apology "from the bottom of his heart"  SMH.....



Photos via Kordell's Instagram




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