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Trump Remains DELUSIONAL About Inciting Violence & Anti-Trump Protestors Taking Over Chicago & Kansas City Rallies

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With non-stop violent rhetoric coming from Presidential hopeful Donald Trump during his rallies, and peaceful protesters getting punched and assaulted, it was only a matter of time before ish escalated.  This weekend in Chicago and Kansas City, Anti-Trump protesters were on a mission to shut it all down...

Before Trump rolled into KC Saturday, Protestors and supporters faced off outside and inside the Arvest Bank Theatre:

 photo CdYvsiaVIAAKwrw.jpg_large.jpg  photo CdZCcVvUkAA2-ie.jpg'

Unfortunately, it ended with folks getting pepper sprayed by cops and scuffles breaking out.   It's unclear who started it each time, but it's more than clear that Trump himself is at the root of the anger on both sides.

We applaud the protesters for taking a stand.

Here's first hand accounts of what went down in KC when Trump took the stage:

He was up to his lies and exaggerations again Saturday night.

Here are videos, from KC's local NBC reporter Josh Helmuth and MSNBC reporter Trymaine Lee, of what happened Saturday night outside the Trump rally in Kansas City:

Protestors got pepper sprayed by police. Some eyewitnesses claim it was because they linked up arms and refused to let the cops on horses break them apart.


My photog and in I were in the crowd outside the KC Donald Trump rally when protestors got pepper sprayed (OC). Eyes are burning but I'm okay

Posted by Josh Helmuth on Saturday, March 12, 2016



Eye witnesses telling their account of what occurred before the pepper spraying Verbal altercations seemingly between opposing sides:


Friday night in Chicago, the rally was cancelled after thousands of protesters showed up and made their presence known -- inside and outside.

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Four people were arrested after that rally and charges ranging from aggravated battery to resisting arrest.  Trump's response?

MSNBC asked about the images of people clashing at the rally and Donald said, “Honestly, we have a very divided country.”

Meaning what exactly? He went on to say 59% of African-American youth are without jobs and that's why they are mad.


Trump even told CNN that "the attacks on his supporters were planned." Oh? Interestingly, he's not calling the MANY attacks BY his supporters "planned" when they punched and assaulted people who simply stood silently at his previous rallies in protest.


Rachel Maddow called out the Presidential hopeful for his rhetoric causing all this chaos.  And she's got receipts.  Start at the 3:30 mark:


Photos/Videos: Twitter/Instagram




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