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Kim Kardashian West BOUND, GAGGED & ROBBED Of $10M Worth Of Jewelry, Days After Showing Off New 20 Carat Diamond Kanye Gave Her

Kanye West recently gave his wife a brand new 20 carat diamond ring that she's been flossing all over social media.   Kim was robbed in Paris last night, and now we've learned she was the victim of a $10 million jewelry heist...at gun point.  The latest on the Paris robbery inside...

Yesterday, we reported that Kanye suddenly bolted off stage in the middle of his performance at The Meadows saying "Sorry, there's been a family emergency."

Minutes later Kim Kardashian West's rep confirmed she had been robbed at gunpoint while in France for Paris Fashion Week.

More details have now surfaced, and we've learned more than $10M in jewelry was jacked from her by as many as five masked robbers dressed as policemen.  Also, two of her phones were reportedly stolen as well.  So it looks like another round of leaked nude pics will be coming our way, as if we haven't seen EVERYTHING already.

Still, it was quite the scary situation.  As for where her security was, they, along with the luxury apartment building's concierge, were apparently held at gun point as well and were forced to take the robbers to Kim's room. 

E! News reports:

The French Interior Ministry said five men threatened a concierge with a weapon, handcuffed him and forced him to open Kardashian's private apartment. Per Today, the Paris Prosecutor's office confirmed two of the men gained entry to her room. One of Kardashian's rings, worth an estimated $4.49 million, as well as a jewelry box, worth an estimated $5.6 million, were stolen.

A source reveals to E! News Kardashian was gagged and bound at her hands and feet, then handcuffed and held at gunpoint. "She begged for them to let her live and [said] she has babies at home. Then they wrapped her mouth in tape and put her in the bathtub." Scared and alone, Kardashian feared the worst. "She thought they were for sure going to kill her," the source says.

After the men left with "all her jewelry," Kardashian "broke out of her bindings and got out," the source tells E! News. Later, after speaking with Parisian police, the reality star boarded a plane. Kardashian's sister, supermodel Kendall Jenner, left Paris on a separate plane Monday.

According to NBC News New York, the five men escaped on bikes. They are still at large as of this morning.

Vogue.com reports that it all went down at 2:30am Paris time:

The robbers apparently gained entrance into her temporary home after holding up her security guard at gun point and forcing him to take them to Kardashian’s apartment. They reportedly stole over $10 million in jewelry, including a ring worth more than 4 million euros. Kardashian West recently posted a photo of her diamond engagement ring and bedazzled grill on Instagram. No word on whether her children, North and Saint, were with her during the armed robbery.


As for the ring mentioned, it very well could have been that huge new 20 carat Lorraine Schwartz ring Kanye just copped her a few days ago:



A photo posted by Kim Kardashian West (@kimkardashian) on

She also rocked a diamond grill in the pic. 

Fox News reports Kim has already hopped on a private plane to get out of Paris and head back to the States, and she was was interviewed by police before boarding. 

Kim's been seen wearing both her new ring and the previous wedding ring Kanye gave her at the same time, so folks know she's wearing several million dollars worth of jewelry at once at any given time. 

By the way, a serial prankster was able to get to her just a couple days ago.

Some folks are hesitant to believe the story in its entirety as this family is known to do whatever for publicity.  We surely hope no parts of this story have been made up.  Others are wondering if this could be an inside job, seeing that Kim was seemingly alone without the kids inside the tucked away apartment.

Either way, it may be time for new security and a jewelry-flossing black out on social media. 



Photos: Getty/Instagram



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