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EXCLUSIVE: Margeaux & Nikko Push Through To Forgive Each Other For Past Trama & Everyone Can Relate


In an upcoming episode of “Marriage Boot Camp,” Margeaux and Nikko get all the way real about their true feelings as they work through issues in their strained marriage. And most of us can relate. Peep the sneak peek and sound off inside…

When it comes to past relationships, a lot of times people hold on to the hurt they endured and carry it over into their new relationship. Forgiving someone who betrayed your trust and broke your heart can be SO hard.

That’s an issue that plagues married couple Margeaux and Nikko as they come to terms with the current state of their “relationship” or what’s left of it.

On Friday’s episode of “Marriage Boot Camp,” the couples must dig up painful secrets from their past that negatively affect their current relationships in a new exercise.

While Margeaux and Nikko are still legally married, they definitely aren’t the tradition “married couple.” Margeaux has a girlfriend and she’s still trying to work through her feelings from her marriage all while trying to make things work with her new significant other. The marriage counselors feel Margeaux and Nikko need to ultimately forgive each other, so they can either work on their relationship or move on.

If you’ve ever been hurt in a relationship, you can relate.

Peep the clip below:

So we want to hear from you. How did you end up forgiving someone who hurt you in a past relationship? Sound off in the comments!




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