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Charlamagne Tha God Gives Himself “Donkey Of The Day” For Tomi Lahren Tweets, BUT Seemingly Blames Everyone Else For Not Understanding

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Charlamagne tha God became a trending topic on Twitter last night after he fired off a few controversial tweets following his meet up with conservative pundit Tomi Lahren. Find out what he said inside…

Power 105 personality Charlamagne tha God had Twitter on FIRE last night after firing off a few controversial tweets.

To bring you up to speed, last week Charlamagne met up with conservative pundit Tomi Lahren after her interview with Trevor Noah on “The Daily Show.” Tomi was originally scheduled to appear on “The Breakfast Club,” but Charlamagne tweeted that her team decided against it, so she never made it. BUT, he did meet up with her to chat.

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Yesterday, Charlamagne hopped on Twitter and tweeted a series of tweets that suggested that black women should follow the same blueprint that made Tomi famous.

“Would be dope if a young black or Hispanic liberal used social media to create a platform to be a voice like Tomi Lahren did,” he wrote.

Minutes later, he came back and tweeted, “Would be dope if a young black or Hispanic ‘WOKE’ woman used social media to create a Platform to be a voice like Tomi Lahren did.”

Black Twitter didn’t waste any time to light into his a**. So, he gave himself “Donkey of the Day” during the morning radio show this morning.

Clarifying what he was tweeting last night, he said people misunderstood what he was trying to say in his tweets.

“I wasn’t saying anyone should be like Tomi Lahren,” he said. “I’m simply saying we should build an online news platform. I feel we need a young, liberal, minority voice for the left.”

The radio personality said someone should USE social media to create the platform. The platform would be the online news network and use social media to push it…like Tomi did.

He said he would take the “L” after acknowledging that there are several African-American women with credible voices on platforms such as Twitter and Tumblr.

Charlamagne said folks hit him up on Twitter to inform him of the plethora of online news networks, including The Advise Show in Houston, Franchesca Ramsey with “MTV Decoded,” and The Last Name Basis podcast.

Also, Charlamagne said he’s willing to assist any woman of color to help push their online news platform.

Take a listen below:

Peep his tweets below:







Since we're an online platform that's been around for over 10 years, we have plenty to say about this, but not even sure we have the energy to address this because our thoughts exceed the Twitter character count. So, check back with us and we may respond.

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