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EXCLUSIVE: New Podcast Episode -- When You Wake Up In A Rage + 3 Ways To Amplify "Woke" Black Women's Voices

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A new episode of The YBF podcast is up! And Natasha is going IN. Get it below.


Natasha had the brown crack that is coffee right before this podcast after being off that for MONTHS. So that means she's on one! From the Kardashians TRYING IT with Blac Chyna (again) before they claimed "it wasn't them," to Charlamagne Tha God & Trevor Noah caping for Bigot Barbie Tomi Lahren after she caught the L she deserved to why there may be no hope for a normal life for Joseline & Stevie J's baby Bonnie Bell. (This name....) Natasha also spills some tea about the upcoming shows "The Quad" on BET & Fox's "Star."




Charlamagne Tha God tweeted that "It would be dope if a "woke" black or hispanic woman would create a platform like Bigot Barbie aka Tomi Lahren, and then all hell broke loose. Rightfully so. Despite trying to explain his comments away, folks are still pissed. Again, rightfully so. Did Charlamagne flat out ignore the PLETHORA of woke black women who HAVE created platforms? Did he mean those platforms weren't good enough? Did he mean those social media stars and journalists and opinion havers (you know, like Tomi Lahren herself), weren't technically using "platforms?" He claims he didn't mean black women should DO exactly what Tomi does. He stated that he meant black women's voices aren't amplified enough. So, he asked how he could help. Well, Natasha, TheYBF.com's founder, has provided 3 ways he (and others) should consider helping.

Since TheYBF.com has been a successful, black-woman owned and black operated entity for 11 years, Natasha may have a little insight....




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