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EXCLUSIVE: Queen Latifah Says She Would Produce A Biopic On Destiny’s Child…And Dixie Chicks

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If Queen Latifah had to pick a girl group to produce a biopic on, there are a few girl groups that she has in mind.  And they may surprise you.  More inside…

Lee Daniels’ new girl group series “STAR” debuted on FOX last night with solid ratings, raking in total of 6.7 million viewers. Yep, it appears Lee has cranked out another hit series for the network.

Before the show’s debut, we sat down with lead star Queen Latifah to chat it up about the new series centered around the come up of a diverse girl group.

YBF correspondent James Terrell got the inside scoop on which girl group Queen would like to produce a biopic about if she had the chance. And her responses might surprise you.

Destiny’s Child. I thought Jade was a good group,” she revealed.

While those three girl groups are pretty much bunched into the same genre of music, the movie producer would also hone her talents on telling the story of a country singing group.  She dished:

“Probably the Dixie Chicks or somebody like that. I would do them because they were like one of the biggest groups in the world. [Everyone loved the Dixie Chicks] until they said something that was actually true and not politically correct...That sort of up and down would be kind of interesting to see."

Then she threw in another surprise.  Watch it all above!

It's an eclectic list of groups, but we're here for ALL of them.

TheYBF.com also got the chance to chop it up with “STAR” lead actresses Jude Demorest, Ryan Destiny and Brittany O'Grady to find out which celebrity had them most star struck. Supermodel Naomi Campbell was at the top of the list.

“Oh, Naomi. SHOOK!,” said Jude. “She’s just so… you can’t be her EVER. And it’s like, you know it. But, she’s so sweet.”

We can imagine!  Peep our exclusive dish with Queen and the ladies up top.

Tune in to a new episode of "STAR" next Wednesday at 9pm EST on FOX.


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