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These Howard University Students Aren’t Afraid To Say They Are Republicans & That They Support Donald Trump

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Well this is interesting. These Howard University students are proud republicans and strong supporters of Donald Trump. Find out why inside…

With the Trump presidency sadly upon us, it comes as a surprise to find out that there are Donald Trump supporters at historically black college Howard University.

A group of students at HU have re-launched the Young Republicans organization after 10 years with help from the political party. And they want black people to know that it’s “OK” to be black AND republican. Not only that, the group of students are strong supporters of Donald Trump. Err….

A few of the students spoke with PBS News Hour about the stigma around being young, black and republican.

The site reports:

Le’Vell, who served as a student advisor to the National Diversity Coalition for Trump at Georgia State University, says she believes many black Americans do align with the Republican Party but that the persecution that comes with being an openly black Republican keeps many of these voters silent.

“Social media’s super popular these days and there’s so much persecution,” Le’Vell said. “And so people often don’t say who they publicly align with.”

In the clip below, the Howard University students speak on the future of the party, why they support Trump and why they were opposed to President Barack Obama. Check it below:

We wonder if they love all these executive orders and Trump placing his inner circle in places of power to makes moves without a checks and balance system.  You know, the exact opposite of a democracy.


 photo Screen Shot 2017-01-31 at 9.53.41 PM_zpsefttgrk5.png

Meanwhile, Trump made his Supreme Court nomination: Neil Gorsuch.  He's deemed to be "a worthy follow up to Antonin Scalia."  That should say it all.


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