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Did Blac Chyna Jack Kylie Jenner’s Idea For Her New Lashed Commercial Or NAH?

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Blac Chyna just released her new commercial for her Lashed Cosmetics line, but folks are claiming she jacked the concept from her nemesis Kylie Jenner. Go figure. More inside…

Blac Chyna just unveiled an advertisement to promote her Lashed Cosmetics line. Now, the internets are dissecting the commercial making claims that Chyna’s storyline is very similar to an ad for Chyna's ex-fiance's girlfriend Kylie Jenner’s new lip glosses (that she released last year).

In both clips, there’s some type of heist going on over their cosmetic lines and they both appear in the ads as the “HBIC.” There are fight scenes in both ads and they both have an all-girl squad to handle the dirty work. Hmm…

Check out both of their ads below and see if you see the similarities:


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So, did Chyna jack Kylie's idea or are folks just reaching?



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