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GET OUT! Is Newlywed Golden Tate In A ‘Sunken Place’?

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What in the GET OUT world is going on here? Golden Tate got married to his longtime girlfriend Elise Pollard over the weekend. But, an old photo of him and his white wife rocking “Make America Great Again” hats in front of a Trump hotel has resurfaced. And everyone is talking about it. See the receipts inside…

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Detroit Lions player Golden Tate tied the knot to his longtime white girlfriend Elise Pollard in Cabo San Lucas over the weekend. Below are a few flicks from their luxe nuptials:

 photo Screen Shot 2017-03-16 at 2.00.35 PM.png

 photo Screen Shot 2017-03-16 at 2.00.52 PM.png

The couple said their “I Dos” in front out 250 family and friends during an intimate ceremony. The lovebirds also hosted a yacht party, hit golf balls in the ocean and lived it up at a pool party.

BUT, their nuptials are being overshadowed with a picture taken over a year ago.

If you’ve seen Jordan Peele’s thriller “Get Out” this picture looks very familiar. Like, almost an exact replica.

Here is the wide receiver and his then girlfriend rocking "Make America Great Again" hats in front of Trump's luxury hotel in Miami:

 photo gtate5.png

If you’ve seen Jordan Peele’s thriller “Get Out” this picture looks very familiar. Like, almost an exact replica.

If you haven’t seen the film, let’s fill you in without giving away too much of the film. In the movie, a black man goes with his white girlfriend to her hometown to meet her family. He noticed the few black people that live there are...different, for lack of a better word. The reason? They were taken to the "sunken place." So what's the sunken place you ask? It's when white people put their black victims under hypnosis and exploits their minds (and bodies), which in turn causes them to do exactly what they're told.

Welp. A picture is worth a thousand words.

Once the picture starting cirulating online, people were going in on him for wearing a "MAGA" hat at his wedding. Golden took to his social media to address the drama:

 photo gtate1.png

He claims he's NOT a Trump supporter, even though he was wearing a "MAGA" hat. He says the picture was taken a year ago during a golf tournament at Trump National in Miami.

 photo gtate2.png

We guess...



Photos: Golden's IG/Elise's IG




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