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Why Are They Trying So Hard To Keep Meghan Markle From Becoming A Royal Princess?

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Why won’t they let Meghan Markle be great? Now, media outlets are digging up information about her family and are saying it could hurt her chance at becoming a royal princess. More inside…

Y’all know we’ve been championing for Meghan Markle to become a royal princess. But some folks just do not want to see her be great.

RadarOnline did some snooping and found out her niece could be the reason she will never become a royal princess. Why? Apparently, Meghan’s 18-year-old niece, Noel Rasmussen, is a Satanist and a self-proclaimed leader of a Nazi organization.

The site got their hands on writings supposedly written by her niece where she graphically fantasizes about torture, self-harming and making deals with the devil.

In one letter she wrote, “Satan, I sold my soul to you ... but I would like to negotiate one more deal, since you have my soul." She continued, "Can you please, please, please, please make my girlfriend, be my girlfriend for? And have her and I be happy with each other, stay faithful and never be separated in any way? Please, that's all I want."

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It’s reported Noel had “Nazi memorabilia all over her bedroom” and went into a “fit of rage” when her mom, Markle’s half-sister, Samantha Grant, tried to intervene.

“This could be the breaking point for Harry,” a source told the site. “There’s absolutely no way he can associate himself with Meghan’s family after this. It’s extremely troubling and puts their whole relationship in jeopardy!”

Do you think this revelation will cause some drama for Meghan, Prince Harry and the royal family?

By the way, those rumors about Meg being pregnant are NOT true. 

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