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Bow Wow Addresses Trolling With That Private Jet Foolishness + If He ACTUALLY Thinks He's Mixed

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Bow Wow is explaining private jet fakegate.  And a few other things.  His Troll-erific words inside....

Shad Moss is saying all this faking for the gram  he's been doing has a bigger purpose.  He went on Hot 97 to talk about the drama, saying once again it was "all for the show" and we'll have to see how it plays out when "Growing Up Hip Hp: ATL" premieres May 25th.  Mmmhmmm.

While he didn't say it was HIS private jet or HIS bag of money when he posted to Instagram about his travel days and riches, he knew his fans would be led to think they were.  Now, he's laughing off the epic dragging he caught during the #BowWowChallenge and is acting like he meant to create the drama.

Bow Wow then went on to talk about that race drama he got embroiled in when he said his ancestors aren't black. He said he never said he wasn't black, he's just saying he wasn't alive during the civil rights era so he didn't witness his ancestors riding on buses in Selma. So he "only knows what his eyes can see"....and he only knows for a fact his grandmother "doesn't have a lick of black in her, because she's straight up Indian."


He said he doesn't think he's "mixed" per se, but he is black with "weird" features. And by weird features, he said, "Well I have blonde hair and some other things."


He also talked about being cool with all his exes like Tyra Banks, Ciara (who he says still talks to his mom), and Erica Mena. He explains the beef between Erica and his baby's mother Joie, beef with Soulja Boy, plus his beef with Funk Flex that he now wants to settle with a skate battle. Ha!

Meanwhile, 50 Cent and Meek Mill joined the #BowWowChallenge:



BOW WOW challenge, my new Range Rover is . What yal doing, I'm bout to pull up. LOL

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#MeekMill with the jokes. #BowWow

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These L's....


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