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Former WWE Star Ariane Andrew Unconvincingly Explains Why She Doesn’t Date Black Men

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Former WWE star Ariane Andrew is now addressing a comment she made about not dating black men and her desire for "cute mixed babies," but we’re not quite sold on her clarification. Find out what she said inside…

Last week, ex-WWE star Ariane Andrew (stage name Cameron) had the Internets abuzz when she made comments about her dating life. Photogs caught up with the (former?) “Total Divas” star where she made the comment, “I love white guys. I actually don’t date black guys. I just have a thing for white boys. A little vanilla, a little chocolate, they make cute babies.”

Well, we all know comments like those will ALWAYS end up with the person who spoke them getting dragged for filth.  And this time was no different.  Now, the reality star is clarifying what she meant by the comments.

During an interview with Hollywood Unlocked, Ariane said she didn’t mean any harm by her comments, she just has a preference.

“My intentions were pretty much to say I have a preference,” she said.

The self-proclaimed “Valley Girl,” who has two college degrees under her belt, said she doesn’t only date white guys, but that’s who she prefers to date because that’s who she “clicks” with. She mentioned she has dated black men before, but that had nothing to do with her choosing to date outside of her race.

She also shared she dated two African men, and said one was verbally abusive and the other was a scam artist.

Ariane, who’s currently single, said she needs a white man who can handle her extra sassiness and she feels that white men are more “submissive” than black men.

To be fair, we've heard black celeb men say all of these exact same sentiments about why they prefer to date white women instead of black women.  If you're going to drag Ariane, drag them too.

With all the controversy she caused, does she regret what she said about dating black men? Nope.

We’d like to note, she said would date Michael Ealy and The Rock.  She says they're hot.

Check it at the 7:50 mark:


Photo: Ariane's IG




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