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EXCLUSIVE: Model & Designer KAIRO WHITFIELD Just Gave Us 5 Tips For Our Best Selfie (And DM) Life [PHOTOS]

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He's got extra grown women losing their minds every time he comes on screen with his reality star mother.  They even chased us on the streets of New York.  Now, we've got Kairo Whitfield right where we want him -- shirtless. 


Get into our exclusive photoshoot with the model & designer, and the 5 tips that will finally set your selfie game (and slide-into-your-DM game) on fire...

No worries ladies!  He's legal.  And single.  But you'll first have to get past his protective, "Real Housewives of Atlanta" star momager Sheree Whitfield if you want to be that lucky lady Kairo Whitfield told us he's on the hunt for.


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We spent the day with the 6'6 20-year-old hottie in NYC recently.  And in between breaking out fans and spray mists to calm ourselves, we got the scoop on the college baller's new business.  He threw in some modeling & selfie tips, too.  Yessss.

Kairo is currently majoring in Economics at Morehouse College.  He's even pulling off the ultimate balancing act by killing it on the school's basketball team (he plays small forward), modeling part time, and launching his inspirational apparel and accessories line, the Kairo Whitfield Brand.


 photo IMG_7298_zpsten1bkj1.jpg

He's launching his limited edition “The World Is Yours” unisex T’s and bracelets/accessories today (which he rocked above during the shoot, paired with model/designer Bianca Stewart's Jesse Queen Collection pants).  He also dished to us that it's been tough trying to balance it all.

"It’s a lot of work honestly," Kairo revealed to TheYBF.com.  "You just have to get the job done.  Go to class, go to practice, model sometimes on the weekends.  It’s a lot of work but it can be done."

He's all about inspiring others, telling us:

"The line goes by the mantra "The World Is Yours".  Which is pretty much saying that you can do anything you put your mind to in this world.  And I want to use that to inspire other people."

By the way, he got the mantra from his fave movie Scarface.

So, how does he suggest we live our best selfie life (since he clearly knows what he's doing)?  We wanted his simple tips to be as demonstrative as possible, because we're visual learners and all.  So we had him explain by giving us a glimpse into how he gets ready in his college dorm room...while multitasking on his phone...shirtless. 

He also admitted that he's definitely down for the DMs, and those DMs have indeed led to some offline situationships....

Back up Porsha Williams, let us get our selfie class on before you swoop in (again).  Teach away, Professor Kairo!


 photo IMG_7208 1_zpsnx9wyjkl.jpg

To get those bomb selfies and DM-worthy flicks, Kairo says:

  1. "Look into the camera.  It's most important."
  2. "Make sure the lighting is perfect.  So scratch what I said before, THIS is the most important.  If you don’t have good lighting, you can’t take a good photo."

 photo IMG_7110_zpsw8awa47q.jpg

  3. "NO photobombers! Even if there’s a person walking by, or maybe just an elbow of theirs sticking out, that’ll ruin a photo."

  4. "Have fun with your pictures. Don’t be scared!  You have to be comfortable." 

  5. "Definitely don’t be scared to be sexy.  You can always be sexy."


 photo IMG_7463_zpspuqaw4jx.jpg

Get into our exclusive photoshoot in the gallery below!  You can cop Kairo's new line HERE and on IG, FB & Twitter.

Photog: Jewel Scott Jones for TheYBF.com




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