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Word On The Curb Is That The Police Are Eyeing Lil Kim Over LA Robbery

 photo kimrob1.jpg

Lil Kim definitely doesn’t need any drama with the police, but she somehow found herself in the middle of some robbery ish. Deets inside…


Oh Kimmy. Girl, you don't need any more run-ins with the po-pos.

TMZ is reporting the police are looking at Lil Kim as a “person of interest” after a L.A. home robbery during the BET Awards festivities.

Here’s what we know...

 photo kimrob2.jpg

Kimmy, pictured above at last nights BET Awards in a custom Angel Brinks catsuit, rented a house to throw a BET afterparty. Once she got to the residence, however, she was not satisfied. Around 2AM on Sunday, Kim and her crew demanded they get their money back from either the owner or property manager. Ish got real and an altercation ensued where cops were called.

Apparently, the authorities said they couldn't do anything about it since it was a civil matter, and they left.

Well, a group of people returned to the residence around 4AM wearing ski masks and they allegedly were toting “weapons.” The robbers got the deposit back and cash, which totaled $20,000.

Sounds like some gully ish that goons do.  BBHMM!

To make matters worse, the culprits slashed all of the tires on a vehicle and even stole a hubcap. Whet?! 

Now, the LAPD has launched an investigation and Kim is a person of interest.

One thing we know for sure, Kimmy does NOT need this drama. We know she’s not trying to go back to jail.


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