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LET IT OFF YOUR CHEST! Ludacris, Dwyane Wade, 50 Cent & Matt Barnes Talk Ish About Paying Child Support

 photo ludasupport.png

Ludacris has started some ish on social media with several of his celebrity friends chiming in about child support. More inside…

Two words a man loathes: Child Support!

It’s a topic men and women seem to most times be opposite ends of the spectrum. The woman feels the man who helped her conceive a child should help out financially, while the man (most times) feels like he shouldn’t have to cough up a specified amount of money a month to the mother of their kid.

Well, Ludacris got his Instagram buzzing with comments from his celebrity friends when he posted a screenshot of a “fake news” story about a new child support card that controls what a mother a can buy with child support money.

It clearly touched a nerve as Dwyane Wade, 50 Cent and Matt Barnes hopped in the comment section expressing how they NEED one of these cards in their lives.

Check it:

 photo ludasupportbetter.jpg

All we’re going to say is…had they made better choices (condom anyone?), they probably wouldn’t be stuck in the child support drama they’re currently in. Just sayin…

Photos: Luda's IG



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