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Jackie Christie's Daughter Ta'kari Is Pregnant With Her 4th Child

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Ta'kari Lee, Jackie Christie's estranged daughter, is pregnant again.  There hasn't been a public acknowledgement from Jackie yet, but Ta'kari seems happy....


It's baby #4 for Ta'kari Lee, which makes for "Basketball Wives" star Jackie Christie's 5th grandchild.  She made the announcement with a baby bump photo:



Bumpin along!! Can't wait to meet you, Princess Isaacs

A post shared by Ta'kari Christie Lee (@takari_lee) on


Baby girl will have three older brothers watching her every move.


I celebrate today, because of you three kings

A post shared by Ta'kari Christie Lee (@takari_lee) on

And even though her grandmother Jackie Christie isn't guaranteed to be in her life, it seems her great aunts will likely be. Takari is close with her twin aunts, but it's unclear if they're on speaking terms with their sister:


When your twin aunties come to town !!! @rovella253 ... Thanks for the awesome day! They enjoyed themselves so much!!!

A post shared by Ta'kari Christie Lee (@takari_lee) on


Ta'kari and Jackie have been beefing for years, and everything started to come to a head when Takari outed her mother for abandonng her as a kid to run behind Doug Christie.  Apparently, Ta'kari believes it was due to Takari's own skin color and Jackie hating her because of it....based on the book Ta'kari wrote.

She detailed instances where Jackie berated her and physically tortured her.  She also outed Jackie for not helping her when her youngest son suffered severe burns to his body.  Apparently, Jackie doesn't even know Ta'kari's sons, who are her grandsons.

A public GoFundMe was started to help Ta'kari take care of her son's medical situation, and it showed just how distant Jackie and Ta'kari really are.

Jackie addressed the "rumors" of her battered and nonexistent relationship with her daughter on The Breakfast Club recently, where she claims she "loves Ta'kari regardless."

Congrats to Ta'kari on the baby.


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