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Wendy Williams Had Time To Address Y'alls (And T.I.'s) Bikini Criticisms, Then Rolled To Starbucks

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Wendy Williams gives no f's about y'all's bikini commentary, and that includes T.I.'s.  She's back at work and clapping back....

When T.I. tried to drag Wendy (without dragging her) for her capital P body, as she calls it, chick was unbothered. 

For one, she and her husband Kevin were having fun in their own world in Barbados in the pics that made their rounds on social media last week.  She also reminded folks she will make fun of herself before you can.  Wendy chatted up People NOW on the set of the new season of "The Wendy Show" saying:

“We were having the time of our lives,” Williams says. “We totally thought we were by ourselves.” “perky boobs and a flat belly, and if I got no behind, I can buy one like the rest of you all.”

“I don’t want front and back,” she adds of her body. “Like, I’m done with that. So, you know, I have a flat behind. I talk about it all the time. I’m shaped like a capital P… I can joke about myself before you ever joke with me.”

She made sure to shade T.I. specifically, whose wife Tony also bought her booty (and a few other things):

"You know when a short man puts lifts in his shoes to be a little taller?”



By the way, the talk show host was spotted in a body con dress grabbing up some coffee:



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Basically she's saying kiss her capital P ass...


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