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Hazel-E Apologizes For Anti-LGBT Comments, No Apology For Brown Skinned Black Women She Offended

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Hazel-E has been doing the most on social media lately. The reality star and her boyfriend Rose Burgandy lashed out on the LGBT community and Hazel even popped off on dark skinned black women. She apologized for her homophobic comments, yet she has not apologized for her rant against black women. Get it all inside…

“Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood” star Hazel-E is backtracking after unleashing homophobic comments on social media. The reality star and her rapper boyfriend Rose Burgandy were doing the most, declaring all gay people should “burn in hell.”

Apparently, Rose’s sexuality was questioned and that caused him to launch into an anti-LGBT tirade on his Instagram, citing what the Bible says and wishing all gays “burn in hell.” Hazel then joined in, saying, “Burn in hell just like God said in the Bible.”

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Here's the video of a man named Camyonce outing Rose Burgandy (aka Denzel) as a gay man: 

After the backlash, Hazel realized she f****up because now she’s backtracking. She spoke with TMZ where she apologized to her LGBT fans and even revealed she has a team of gay people that “glam” her up on a daily. She apologized for saying they’ll burn in hell, but she still played the religion card.

Peep her apology below:

As all this is going on, Hazel-E and Rose Burgandy were also involved in a social media beef with Instagram comedian Jess Hilarious. Well, she popped back at both of them. And her clapback is savage AF. Check it:


Meanwhile, "Love & Hip Hop" creator Mona Scott Young spoke out in response to Hazel's homophobic comments:


“People who spew hate, in truth hate themselves” #SpiritDay #ActionsSpeakLouderThanWords

A post shared by Mona Scott-Young (@monascottyoung) on


Sources tell TMZ Mona wants Hazel booted off the show. While Mona is the creator of the series, her production company is not the only one involved, so a group must decide Hazel's fate. It's reported Mona is "disgusted" by Hazel's anti-gay comments and also what she said about African-American women.

Oh, and it appears Hazel has lost her deal with Shoe Dazzle after the remarks:



Not only did Hazel come at the LGBT community, she also went on a tirade against dark skinned black women who continue to "hate" on her:

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The delusion! Hating on you because you're light skin? Girl, BYE! She has yet to backtrack on this, but she tried to save face with this post: 




Have several seats.

Photos: Hazel's IG




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