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Tyrese Breaks Down About Daughter Shayla At His Concert, Then Weirdly Dedicated 'Let's Get It On' To Her

Tyrese was on stage in Atlanta this weekend crying about his daughter Shayla, but he might have gone too far this time....

In the never ending saga of Tyrese Gbson beging and pleading to get his daughter Shayla back after her mother and his ex Norma issued a restraining order, Tyrese may have just crossed the line.

We've been bombarded with his videos and IG soliloqies about how much he misses her and how Norma is allegedly attempting to alienate their little girl from him.

From Norma's standpoint, Tyrese allegedly abused Shayla (and also Norma herself previously) and she doesn't want him anywhere near their child.

So Black Ty has been on a social media campaign to prove his love, and folks have been itching to find the mute button.

Over the weekend, he performed in Atlanta.  He took the opportunity to pour out his heat abuot missing his little girl, and his wife had to come on stage o comfort him during his breakdown.

Then, he decided to dedicate a song to her.  This man legit started singing the first verse of "Let's Get It On." 

He may have changed around a couple words, but Nah bruh.  Wrong song.


Even Lil Duval had to go in on him about it.  Check the video above.

By the way, Ty claims he would be getting Shayla back on Sunday after an apparent victory in court.


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