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Tyrese Broke Down Crying On Video (Again) Over His Private Chef, Then Started Twerking While Cooking For His Wife & Released A Song For Shayla

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Tyrese just had another live on-video breakdown. This time over his private chef. At least he got up enough strength in the end to twerk while cooking for his wife. Oh, and he released a song for his daughter Shayla...

What is going ooonnnnn?

If you weren't exhausted by the Tyrese saga before, today might just be that day.

You may have heard, Tyrese says Will Smith gave him $5M to help him out of the financial straits he claims he's in and to help him fight for his little girl.  Apparently, Will added in a "stay off social media" stipulation.  So what did Black Ty do?  He ran straight to social media to spill his own tea.


Recently, Tyrese was in his kitchen in his mansion cooking on video.  He decided to go live to tell the fans about his private chef who's been with him for years that he says is now going through something.  Apparently, Ty wasn't too broke since he still has a mansion-style roof over his head and a chef.

But what do we know...

Ty breaks down in an emotional cry talking about his beloved chef, while in his gourmet Chef's Kitchen.  He then pulls it together to continue cooking for his wife Samantha.  He even decided to twerk a lil something while doing so.

This all surely comes off like a humble brag, but you be the judge.

Oh, but there's more.

This morning, Black Ty took to his Facebook page to drop another almost 11 minute video where he broke down in uncontrollable tears, again, talking about all the black fathers locked up in a cage (jail). He was on his way to court, so this was what was on his mind.

But not before he wrote a dissertation in the caption telling everyone "I'm broke" and to stop using other travel sites and use his Voltron Travel site instead. He also listed his other businesses folks should patronize. And gave a preview of a song he's dedicating to Shayla.  You know, for the culture.  Dame Dash pops up as well.  No, we have no idea why.



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